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Od-Mounted Portable Electric Split Frame Pipe Cutting and Beveling Tool for 2"-84" (60.3-2133.6mm)

Od-Mounted Portable Electric Split Frame Pipe Cutting and Beveling Tool for 2
Price: US $ 2948-26000/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T
BHY Reliable On-site Machining Solutions

Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machines 

★ Introduction:
SFM series are portable processing equipment for cutting, beveling and end prefabrication of various pipes, with which cutting and beveling can be conducted at the same time. The SFM Series manufactured by BHY cuts and bevels the pipe end or middle of pipe by clamping external wall, with processing diameter up to 2100 mm and maximum wall thickness of 100 mm. With an R&D history of nearly one hundred years, the product can process pipes or casings accurately, continuously and vertically.
★ Industry Application:
It is widely used in long-distance transport pipeline, power plant, nuclear power, petroleum, chemical engineering, natural gas, boiler shop, pharmacy, pipe prefabrication plant, pipeline installation engineering, rush-repair work, etc.  

★ Bevel Type
We have standard beveling tools of 5°,10°,20°,30°,37° and also can customize the tools.

★ Technical Parameters 
range (in)
Max wall 
Drive mode

* Processing range can be customized according to requirements.
Drive modePneumaticAir requirements1.7m3/min-6.2bars
HydraulicHydraulic requirements31l/min-104bars
ElectricElectric requirements220V/AC
Feed methodStar wheel systemFeed rateFixed 0.08mm per trip
FinishAnodizing sand blastingPackagingAluminum alloy packing case

★ Product Features:
•It is in split frame structure, and can be quickly installed to any position of external wall of operational pipeline with its clamps, occupying small space. 
•It can process pipes made from various grades of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other metals. 
•Fixed rings use lightweight and high-strength aeronautical aluminum to ensure portability
Cold Cutting-No heat affected zones
•Equipped with precise machining tools, with high efficiency and long service life
•Multi-point pipe clamping system which can securely clamp the equipment onto the pipeline
•Feed system offers low clearance operation with precise feed
•Low friction adjustable bearing system provides maximum stability and extended machine life 
•Full closed bearing and driving gear system for operational safety
•Adjustable Bearing System-Distributes load evenly to ensure stability
Interchangeability of Components-Allows accessories & tool slides to mount to multiple ring sizes

★ Accessories:
•Ring sets
-It is provided for the users who have drive motors and tool slides to economically expand the application range of SFM products. 
•SFM tool slides (select one)
A.Thick-wall tool slide (conventional): It can be applied to SFM models 206 to 4248 with stroke of 64 mm;
B.Spring tool slide: It is used to track the surface of out-of-round pipes, which can greatly save installation, adjustment and cutting time. It can quickly and automatically track the system to ensure continuous truncated edge, and can even keep standard wall thickness of large diameter counterbore when combined with counterbore slide.
C.Drilling and milling tool slide (only for hydraulic): Achieve pipe cutting by using the drilling and milling. High-strength tool slide, smooth cutting and simple operation.

★ Our advantages:
-Fixed rings use lightweight and high-strength imported aeronautical aluminum with anodized surface;
-Moving coils use mold steel with chrome-plated surface .

-Eccentric shafts and gear shafts used grinding process after quenching to ensure the accuracy of the tooth surface.
-Three imported motors to choose from: Germany Metabo electric motor, imported pneumatic motor and American White hydraulic motor.
★ Standard Configuration:
MachineSFM machine1PC
Drive ModeElectric Motor1PC
ComponentsAluminum alloy/wooden packing case1PC
Cutter holder1PC
Cutting blade1PC
ToolsRubber hammer, Spray bottle, Square, Wrench set1SET
DocumentsOperating manual, SFM1PC
Certificate of conformity, SFM1PC

★ BHY On-site Service Reference of SFM 
- We have successfully completed this following service project in Henan, China with SFM4860 machine and our own service people through tough work environment and got the commendatory letter from our client. In China, we are the first maker to enter the power plant industry among all the domestic factories of pipe cutting and beveling machines which means our quality is highly comparable to the world-class brands.
Site LocationHenan, China
IndustryPower Station
Pipe O.D56" (1414mm)
Wall thickness110mm
Bevel typeDouble D
Weld width80mm
Other informationCut and bevel the weld , but not cut off; Narrow working space.

BHY-Reliable On-site Machining Solutions
No. 28Datong Road, Suzhou New District, PR China

Prod Model: SFM Series
Pipe O.D: 2" - 84" (60.3mm-2133.6mm)
Wall Thickness: 100mm
Driven Type: Electric Motor
Electric Requirements: 220V/AC (Customizable)
Torch Type: Cold
Feed Method: Star Wheel System, Fixed 0.0031" (0.08mm) Per Trip
Cutter Trip: 18m/Min(60FT/Min)
Accessories(Optional): Ring Sets; Sfm Tool Slides; O.D Tracking Slide
Finish: Anodizing, Sand Blasting
Industry: Power Plant; Petrochemical; Bolier Shop
BHY is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the pipe pre-fabrication machine, portable series products and reliable on-site machining solutions headquartered in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

After many years of research and development, Bohyar has created the world's leading products. What's more, we are improving our products continuously by exploring the practical usage of the site. There's no doubt that we have excellent team members and we can offer the best services.

Cutting and beveling machines made by Bohyar, meet the needs of oil and gas, power, marine, chemicals and other areas. In order to anticipate the needs of users and make better products, we are making great efforts to test our products, collect customer feedback and get more on-site opinions.

Bohyar is a trustworthy enterprise which has many years of experience in mechanical design and manufacturing. We have strict standards for selecting suppliers and we always aim to be the world's best. That's why we can build this high-end brand successfully.

BHY persists in the core belief of "Create China's High End Products" and strive to become the world's leading expert on on-site machining solutions. We will cooperate with global partners to provide high-end quality products and services and responsive to customers' needs. We will devote our earnings to philanthropy to help groups and individuals in need.


Product Range:

-Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine( SFM Series)

-Pipe Beveling Machine (BPP Series)

-Travel Cutter(TC Series)

-Diamond Wire Saw(DWS Series)

-Hydraulic Power Station(HS Series)

-Flange Facer (FFT Series)

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