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Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw/Pipe Concrete Cutting Machine - DWS0416

Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw/Pipe Concrete Cutting Machine - DWS0416
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BHY Reliable On-site Machining Solutions

Diamond Wire Saw

★ Introduction:
Bohyar is the first company in China to achieve R&D of Diamond Wire Saw.The Bohyar Subsea Diamond Wire Saws are designed for underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, casings and structure, with five models that cut from 4in to 84in O.D.Running on hydraulic power, the wire saw is controlled remotely using the Control Panel  or  ROV control operable via zero leak hot stabs.
Bohyar Diamond Wire Saws feature a unique hydrodynamic design that dramatically reduces centrifugal forces during operation, which means less power wasted in churning water and more power directed to cutting the workpiece. 

★ Technical Parameters 
ModelDWS 0416DWS 1230DWS 1636DWS 3052DWS 6084
Pipe Capacity
16in (406mm)30in (762mm)36in (914mm)52in (1321mm)84in (2134mm)
Pipe Capacity
4in (100mm)12in (305mm)16in (406mm)30in (762mm)60in (1524mm)
Height55in (1397mm)82.5in (2096mm)92.5in (2350mm)127in (3226mm)205in (5207mm)
Width44in (1118mm)63.75in (1619mm)69.75in (1772mm)87.25in (2216mm)118.8in (3017mm)
Depth28in (711mm)30in (762mm)32in (813mm)43in (1092mm)43in (1092mm)
Weight730lbs (331kg)1000lbs (454kg)1200lbs (544kg)1600lbs (726kg)-
★ Product Features:
•Lightweight aluminum plate construction.
•Five models cut from 4in to 84in O.D.(DN100-2100).
•Easily replaceable long life diamond wire cutting element.
•Hydraulically operated synchronized clamping arms.
•Self-regulating Tensioning System,Spring and cylinder can maintain a constant tension of the diamond rope, which effectively prevent excessive tension causing damage to the machine, enhance the safety of the operator and greatly extend the rope life.
•Synchronous Clamping to reduce the visual error, and ensure the uniformity of the force.
•Compressible Cutting to reduce the influence of moving or shifting slightly during the operation
•Overload clutch for bow damage prevention.
•Corrosion resistant with anode protection.
•Mounts vertically or horizontally.

★ Product Advantages:
•Lightweight planetary feed drive.
•Large diameter high contact area wire drive wheels.
•Hydraulic wire drive motor w/overhung bearing support.
•Lift interfaces for vertical or horizontal deployment.
•Lightweight aluminum plate construction.
•User replaceable clamp contact pads and wheel inserts.

BHY-Reliable On-site Machining Solutions
No. 28Datong Road, Suzhou New District, PR China



Prod Model: DWS0416
Pipe O.D. Range: 4-16" (102mm-406mm)
Drive Options: Hydraulic
Cutting Wire: Diamond Wire Cutting Element
Cutting Wire Speed: Variable, 0-1, 500 Rpm
Power Requirements: Hydraulic Requirements 20 Gpm @ 2500 Psi
Feed Method: Automatic Self-Adjusting Feed;Manual Override
Feed Rate: Variable Based on Workpiece Material and Density
Clamping Pads: Replaceable Crush Resistant Urethane Clamping Pads
Wire Guides: Replaceable Durable Urethane Inserts
Included Accessories: Operating Manual
BHY is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the pipe pre-fabrication machine, portable series products and reliable on-site machining solutions headquartered in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

After many years of research and development, Bohyar has created the world's leading products. What's more, we are improving our products continuously by exploring the practical usage of the site. There's no doubt that we have excellent team members and we can offer the best services.

Cutting and beveling machines made by Bohyar, meet the needs of oil and gas, power, marine, chemicals and other areas. In order to anticipate the needs of users and make better products, we are making great efforts to test our products, collect customer feedback and get more on-site opinions.

Bohyar is a trustworthy enterprise which has many years of experience in mechanical design and manufacturing. We have strict standards for selecting suppliers and we always aim to be the world's best. That's why we can build this high-end brand successfully.

BHY persists in the core belief of "Create China's High End Products" and strive to become the world's leading expert on on-site machining solutions. We will cooperate with global partners to provide high-end quality products and services and responsive to customers' needs. We will devote our earnings to philanthropy to help groups and individuals in need.


Product Range:

-Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine( SFM Series)

-Pipe Beveling Machine (BPP Series)

-Travel Cutter(TC Series)

-Diamond Wire Saw(DWS Series)

-Hydraulic Power Station(HS Series)

-Flange Facer (FFT Series)

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