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Aluminum Window Door CNC Double Head Cutting Saw Machine

Aluminum Window Door CNC Double Head Cutting Saw Machine
Price: US $ 11000-33000SET
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A8-500 3 Axis CNC Aluminum Profile Double Head Cutting Saw

A8-500 is used for cutting aluminum alloy profiles and curtain wall profiles. It can realize cutting profiles in any or arbitrary angle.


Main Features 
1. A8-500 aluminum profile cutting saw is the most advanced double-head cutting saw.
2. The PLC, servo motor, servo driver and touch screen use SCHNEIDER brand products imported from France.
3. The control system of this CNC cutting saw adopts the new closed-loop system. This ensures the accuracy of repeat length.
Three-axis aluminum profile cutting saw uses imported SCHNEIDER electric spare parts. 
5. We adopt Germany WEMARO blades with high precision, making the cutting surface smooth.
6. This CNC cutting saw can automatically feed the profiles. We can input the cutting data one time. It can also cut profiles with different sizes automatically and continuously.
Touch-screen and computer make the aluminum profile cutting saw very easy to operate.
8. The servomotor drives the speed reducer to adjust the cutting angle from 45° to 157.5°. The imported service motor with high moving speed and high precision should drive 
the sawing head.
9. The imported control system of 3 axis CNC cutting saw can ensure the cutting quality.
10. A8-500 aluminum profile cutting saw also has label printing function.

Technical Parameters

Voltage380V 50 Hz
Power6.8 kW
Air Pressure0.5 to 0.8 MPa
Blade SpecificationΦ500 × Φ30 × 4.4 Z = 120 (Standard Size)
Cutter Moving Speed0 to 2 m/min
Cutting Length of CNC Cutting SawMax. 5000mm   Min. 480 at 90°
Max. 5000mm   Min. (Double Height of Profile) at 45°
Cutting Width120 mm
Cutting Height230 mm
Cutting Angle45° to 157.5°
Repeat Locating Length Error± 0.2 mm
Surface Plainness± 4´
Overall Dimension6800 mm × 1500 mm × 2040 mm

Parker is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC cutting saws in China. In addition to this aluminum window and door machinery, we also provide aluminum profile corner crimping machine, end milling machine, aluminum profile punching machine, aluminum profile copy router, ACP processing machine, etc.
The three-axis aluminum profile cutting saw (3 axis CNC cutting saw for aluminum profile) has won widespread praise and recognition by customers.
Prod Model: A8-500
Power: 6.8kw
Air Pressure: 0.5 to 0.8 MPa
Cutter Moving Speed: 0 to 2 M/Min
Cutting Width: 120 mm
Cutting Height: 230mm
Repeat Locating Length Error: 0.2 mm
Overall Dimension: 6800 mm * 1500 mm * 2040 mm
Parker Machinery Co., Ltd., China has developed the assembly line equipment for door-window, curtain walls and Insulating glasses process. The operation of high precision, advancement and specialty makes the enterprise well-known. She sets an example for her pure quality and excellent service. So she becomes the reliable cooperative partner of the door-window enterprise for her responsibility.

Parker machines sell well, become well-known and outstanding at the national fairs of door-window equipment, owing to:

Using of European standards, and taking in the view and pithy of the design.

Purchasing main parts internationally.

Selling machines to other countries, such as USA, India, UAE, Brazil, Iran, North America, South Africa, Russia, Korea, Middle East, and so on.

Carrying our "Handover key project" ahead of other in this area.

Combining the manufacture with the development of design software of door-window.

Owing more than twenty sales and service agencies.

To meet the great need of development of hi-grade door-window, combining with almost ten years of experience, we introduced advanced technology from other countries, and developed five types, more than forty specifications of door-window and curtain wall equipment. Door-window factories needn't import any hi-grade machine from other countries any more.

Let's share science and technology of the world!

Parker machine core parts procurement achieved internationalization, and established a cooperative partnership with ABB, Omron, Schneider, Optima. PARKER people are always follow the core concept, it is "Parker is developing with the world", it is PARKER peoples' strict implementation of ecological system of Parker and of "zero defect" stern pursuit, which makes the Parker machine perfect implement unique global standard, achieves improvement value and sustainable innovation!

Parker machinery exports to the world more than80 countries and regions, and has firstly established branches in USA, India, UAE, Brazil, has 50 patents. PARKER products include aluminum, PVC windows and doors machinery, aluminum curtain wall processing machinery, industrial aluminum processing machinery and insulating glass series production line machinery. Parker machinery are all passed through high standard European CE certification, American UL certification and Canadian CSA certification.

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