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Ytfn High Quality and Best-Selling Stainless Steel Vibration-Proof Pressure Gauge

Ytfn High Quality and Best-Selling Stainless Steel Vibration-Proof Pressure Gauge
Price: US $ 3/Set
Min Order: 1/Set
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High Quality and best-selling stainless steel vibration-proof pressure gauge


 Main technical parameters

 Nominal diameter:  60mm,  100mm,  150mm.

 Static load with a measurement upper limit of 3/4, alternating load.

 Working pressure: use up to 2/3 of the upper limit of the measurement.

 Measured upper limit

 Coupling nut

 M14 x 1.5, M20 x 1.5

 A quarter of the PF (PT, NPT)

 PF (PT, NPT) 1/2

 Spring tube

 Connector material SUS304,SUS316



 The trim SUS304

 Gauge glass Ordinary glass, tempered glass

 We produce all types of pressure gauges, welcome to consult and

 Use guide

 Protective devices should be added to the environment where there
is a sharp pressure change or vibration and pulsation.

 Pressure gauges should be installed horizontally or vertically.

 Do not use the hand to pull the meter case when mounting or
Use a special wrench.

 The measurement of explosion hazard, easy crystallization, easy
solidification, corrosion resistance, please select a special quality
measuring instrument.

  A pressure gauge with an oil seal shall be used to measure oxygen,
acetylene or other combustible gases.

  Normal working environment temperature of 40 ºC ~ + 70 ºC, relative
to the degree is not more than 85%. 
Dia: φ60mm,φ100mm,φ150mm
Working pressure: The pressure gauge should not
exceed 3/4 of the maximun scale
value under steady pressure and
not exceed 2/3 of the maximum
scale value under fluctuation
pressure and not exceed 1/3 of
the maximum scale value under
shori-time pressure.


Damping Liquid: methy silicone
Bourdon tube: sus304 or sus316
Connection material: sus304 or sus316
Welding way:  TIG  
Movement:  SUS304  
 Casing:  SUS304  
 Glass: PC, stalinite, double pane safet
ModelPressure Range(MPa)
YTN-100H(Z/ZT)           YTN-1500H(Z/ZT)0~(0.1/0.16/0.25/04/0.6/1/1.6/2.5/

 Please select the pressure gauge correctly.
 Please send us the following details:
 - nominal diameter 40/50/60/100/150/200/250mm
 - precision grade
 - coupling nut 
 -MPa/ KGF /cm² /Psi/bar/mmH2O
 - meter dial - standard single scale/non-standard double scale
 - measuring range 
 - installation method - radial installation or axial installation
 - structural pattern 
 - whether the measuring medium is corrosive, easy to be not explosive, 
easily not flammable, gas or liquid
 - installation environment - no vibration
 - damping fluid - no fill, silicone oil filling or glycerine filling
 - environmental temperature 
 -medium temperature
 - is shock?
 - instructions - site indication or remote control
 - switching control mode - upper and lower limit control, double upper 
limit control or dual lower limit control
 - control voltage -AC220V/AC380
 - contact selection - normal contact 10va/ magnetic contact 30va or
dry reed contact DC24V
 - instrument glass - common instrument glass, tempered glass, PC glass 
or safety laminated glass
 - table cover - iron shell spray or SUS304 stainless steel shell
 - elastic element material - tin phosphor bronze, SUS304 or SUS316
 - connector material - bronze hp59-1, SUS304/SUS316
 - other description

 Details of the products produced by our own factory.
 There are advanced pressure detector and careful worker, 
the quality is assured, please feel free to order.

 One of three biggest pressure gauge manufacturers in China 
established in 1987.
 Specializes in manufacturing and exporting Pressure gauge,
Pressure regulator, Manometer and Pressure thermometer. 
 We have a strong network that allows us to design and customize 
 We currently produce over 8 varieties, more than 100 series, 
and about 1, 000 specifications of instruments for various industries 
including oil exploration, chemical industry, chemical fiber industry, 
iron and steel industry, metallurgical industry, power generation
plants, food industry and scientific research. 
 Our products are exported to East Asia such as Korea & Japan, the 
European Union such as Russia, Germany & Italy,and the Middle East, 
America. Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand & Indonesia. 
 Our company's main partners: Italian TER. MA. DEN. SNC, South Korea, 
Germany WIKA, China's Haier. 
 As a well-known manufacturer in China, our factory has approved by 
CCC, ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, SGS and KS certificates. 
 We will unswervingly make more efforts to supply competitive products 
and the best services to all customers. 
 If you need high quality products, wecome to contact us. 
 Once cooperation, friends forever.

Prod Model: YTFN
Measuring Range: Low-pressure Gauge
Accuracy: 1.5
Display: Pointer
Application: Power, Petroleum, Chemical, Light Industry
Structure: Spring Pressure Gauge
Connection Type: Axial
Function: Electric Signal-controlled
Indicating Pressure Reference: Seismic
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