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Tungsten Carbide Knives for Fabric Cutter

Tungsten Carbide Knives for Fabric Cutter
Price: US $ 8.5-9.8/Piece
Min Order: 20/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal

Carbide strips are widely used for general wood cutters / hard wood cutters, plastic and tobacco cutting.

And it is suitable for the production of various types of motors, electronic progressive dies punches.

Tungsten Carbide - Main Property:

  1. Excellent Hardness: 86~93 HRA, which equal to 68~81HRC;
  2. Excellent hot working performance: Hardness could be remained at 60 HRC under 900~1000 ºC
  3. Excellent wear resistance;
  4. High cutting speed;
  5. Long service life
TX GradeGradeISO GradeHardnessDensityBending StrengthRecommended Application
T100XYG6XK10-K1591-9314.8-15≥1600Suitable for little stress conditions, produce for small diameter steel wire, non-ferrous metal wire or rod.
T100YG6K10-K2090.5-9214.8-15≥2000 Suitable for large stress conditions, produce for medium diameter of steel wire, non-ferrous metal wire or rod.
T200YG8K20-K3089.5-9114.6-14.8≥2100Suitable for steel, non-ferrous metal and alloy rod and tube,and is suitable for manufacturing machinery parts, tools materials and wear parts
T200CYG8CK20-K3089-90.514.6-14.8≥2200Coarse grain size carbide,suitbale for drilling medium hard or hard stratum with f less than 14th and the coal bed containing hard rock;Coal Cutter Bits;Oil Field Bits,and Hammer Drill bits.
T300YG9K20-K3087.5-8914.3-14.5≥2200With good good resistance, impact resistance and good shock resistance, suitable for carbide drills, drill pills.
T300CYG9CK20-K3087.2-88.614.4-14.6≥2300Coarse grain, with good wear resistance, suitable for drilling hard rock.
T400YG10K20-K3087-88.514.3-14.6≥2300With good abrasion resistance, excellent impact resistance and good shock resistance, suitable for cemented carbide buttons and flat-tio-serrated compacts.
T500YG11K30-K4089-90.214.2-14.5≥2300With good wear resistance, suitable for producing nail making moulds,nails specially for cement industry
T500CYG11CK30-K4086.5-8814.2-14.5≥2400Coarse grain, with good wear resistance, suitable for drilling hard rock.
T600YG12K30-K4086.5-8814.1-14.4≥2400With good toughness, suitable for making steel pipe, steel, non-ferrous metal and alloy rods, bars,tubes
T700YG15K4087-88.513.9-14.2≥2400Low wear resistance, high bending strength and impact toughness. Suitable for cemented carbide dies,stamp dies and mould cores,etc.
T700CYG15CK4085-86.513.9-14.2≥2450With very good impact and shock resistance,suitable for tungsten carbide dies and mould cores,etc.
T800YG20 83-8513.4-13.6≥2700Suitable for wear parts, plates and mechanical parts.
T800CYG20C 82.5-84.513.4-13.6≥2700Suitable for cold heading moulds,cold punching moulds and cold rolls for standard parts and tools in various industries.
TN100YN6 90.5-92.514.8-15.1≥1700With good corrosion resistant,excellent wear resistance,suitable for mechanical seal parts.
TN200YN7 90-9214.7-14.9≥1800With good corrosion resistant,excellent wear resistance,suitable for mechanical seal parts.
TN300YN10 86-8814.3-14.6≥2000With good corrosion resistant,suitable wear resistance.
TX35T  93-957.9-8.1≥1700With good corrosion resistant,suitable wear resistance.

Production Range:

From Application

Blade for cutting thin film

Blade for cutting plastic

Blade for cutting paper

Blade for cutting leather

Blade for cutting Rubber

Blade for cutting metal

Blade for cutting wood

Blade for printing& ink

Blade for cutting fiber

Blade for cutting Cardboard

Blade for cutting food

Blade for cutting Electrical material

Press Brake Tooling

Press brake Dies

From Shape

Circular Saw Blade

Rectangular knife

Teeth Type Knife

Repand Type Knife

Sharp-nosed Type knife

Strip steel blades

Trapezoid blades

Special blades

From Material

Carbide blade

Ceramic blade

Carbon steel knife

HSS blades

TCT tipped blade

Stainless steel blades

Our Features: 


Aluminum, Tungsten carbide, Mild steel ,Stainless steel, Chrome steel,
Cold rolled sheet, High Speed Steel, Bearing steel, brass, Copper, Bronze,  
Chrome copper, Mold steel ,SKH51,SKD11,SKS7,SK2,Cr12Mov,H13,9CrSi,
6CrW2SiW6Mo5Cr4V2,YG8,YT15,P20,K30 etc.

Surface Treatment          

Plated nickel, copper, zinc .etc. and anodized (Anodic oxidation can accord with
MIL - A - 8625 Type II standards) Hard Anodizing, owder coated, polished, sand
blasted, chemical surface treatment. As customer's request

Our Advantages:
1. We are factory providing all kinds of cutting blades, also can manufacture according to your drawing.
2. Low MOQ (1pc is even acceptable in some special conditions)
3. Offering free and quick prototyping (normally 1 week)
4. A series of secondary service available, like casting; forging; welding; heat treatment etc.
5. Top quality guaranteed by skilled workers, managing system and status of facilities.
6. Customized size and spec /OEM available
7. Near Ningbo and Shanghai, convenient transportation

Our Mission
Quality & Service: our always have been providing our clients with great quality products and superior customer service.
Quick LeadTime: We're dedicated to providing the quickest turnaround times and work very hard to ensure that all of your deadlines are met.
Unbeatable Prices We continuously strive to find ways to reduce our production costs, and pass the savings over to you!
Prod Model: RKM-1383
Application: Film, Sheets, Pipe, Plates, Granules, Recycling, E
Material: Wearable Metals as 5crw2si,6crw2si,9cr Si,H13,Cr12
Production Type: as Custoner's Drawing
Material Processed: Film
Plastic Type: PE
Screw: Single-Screw
Automation: Automation
Computerized: Computerized
Certification: CE
Suzhou Renke Cutting Tools and Blades Co., Ltd. Has been a leading company in China in manufacturing and marketing various kinds of cutting tools and blades, incl. Trimmers, slitters, reamers, milling cutters, cutter dies, drill bits, CNC cutters and holders, sheeters, which are widely used in paper&packaging, woodworking, food, tobacco, metal processing, electroinics, plastics, rubber, testiles and more industries.

Our products are not only sold in China, but also exported to USA, Italy, Iran, Australia, Switzerland and etc. We welcome you to browse our webiste and e-mail us with any questions and/or inquiries. We are sure that you will find our prices competitive, our quality excellent, and our services the best in the industry. Based on this we hope you will give Suzhou Renke Cutting Tools and Blades Co., Ltd. The oppotunity to quote you on your needs.

Specs: Standardized, or OEM;

Materials: 9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, T8, Cr12MOV, H11, H13, HMB, tungsten, solid carbide,

Cermets, Polycrystalline diamond, W18Cr4V and more high quality and durability


Service: Repair of cutter dies, technical consulting and on-line support, specs inquiry

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