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Taiwan Model 110ton High Precision CNC Press Machine Tool

Taiwan Model 110ton High Precision CNC Press Machine Tool
Price: US $ 10000-100000SET
Min Order: 1SET
Pay Type: L/C,T/T
Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class
1. Parameters
1) 25ton   ~60ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage pointmm3.
Speed changings.p.m60-140130-20040-120110-18040-100100-15035-9080-120
Stable speeds.p.m110857565
Die heightmm200215220235250 265310340
Slide adjustmentmm50556075
Slide areamm300x230x50360x250x50400x300x60500x360x70
Bolster areamm680x300x70800x400x70850x440x80900x500x80
Shank holemmΦ38.1Φ38.1Φ38.1Φ38.1
Main motorkw.p3.7x43.7x45.5x45.5x4
Slide adjust deviceHPManual operation
Air pressurekg/cm26666
Presses precision GB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 class
Presses dimensionmm1280x850x22001380x900x24001575x950x25001595x1000x2800
Presses weightTons2.133.85.6
Die cushion OptionalCapacityTon-
Die cushion effective areamm2-300x230300x230350x300

2) 80ton   ~200ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage pointmm42636363
Speed changings.p.m35-8080-12030-6060-9020-5040-7020-5050-70
Stable speeds.p.m65503535
Die heightmm340380360410400450460510
Slide adjustmentmm8080100110
Slide areamm560x420x70650x470x80700x550x90850x550x90
Bolster areamm1000x550x901150x600x1101250x800x1401350x820x140
Shank holemmΦ50Φ50Φ65Φ65
Main motorkw.p7.5x411x415x418x4
Slide adjust deviceHP Electrial driving
Air pressurekg/cm26666
Presses precision GB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 class
Presses dimensionmm1800x1180x29801900x1300x32002420x1390x34652420x1490x3612
Presses weightTons6.59.61416
Die cushion OptionalCapacityTon3.66.31010
Die cushion effective areamm2450x310500x350650x420650x420

3) 260ton   ~315ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage point6373.5
Speed changing20-5050-7020-3535-50
Stable speed3030
Die height460550500550
Slide adjustment120120
Slide area850x630x90950x700x100
Bolster area1400x820x1601600x900x200
Shank holeΦ65Φ65
Main motor22x430x4
Slide adjust deviceElectrical Driven
Air pressure66
Presses precisionGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 class
Presses dimension2735x1780x40702845x1950x4500
Presses weight2233
Die cushion capacity1414
Die cushion effective area710x480810x480

2. Technical Descriptions :
2. Key Components List
CategoryItemBrand & Manufacture
Mechanical partsBearingsJapan NSK
O shape seal ringJapan NOK
oil sealsJapan NOK
Clutch (dry)Italian OMPI
Air Tankhigh-quality domestic manufacture
Anti-vibration DeviceBeijing Great wall
Electric grease oil pumpTaiwan Tairun
Electrical ElementsMain MotorTaiwan Teco
Frequency InverterTaiwan Teco/Delta
 Slide Motor Adjustment MotorJapan Self-brake Slide Motor
Push ButtonSchneider
PLCJapan Omron
Touch Control ScreenTaiwan EASYVIEW
Operation ButtonsSchneider
Emergency Stop ButtonSchneider
Proximity SwitchJapan  OMRON
3. Main Parts Function Description
Specification Contents
1.Slider Balancer  
1.1  Maximum balance air pressure 5.0 kg/cm2
1.2 Air Pressures Adjustment Method Pressure valve operation (manual)
2.Slider Adjustment Device  
2.1 Adjusting Method Slider Motor Driven
2.2 Adjusting Speed about 50 mm/min
2.3  Operation Method Button Operation (manual )
2.4  Show Method Electronic digits display 0.1mm
3. Overload Protection Device  
3.1 Model   Oil discharge load
3.2 overload cylinder strokemm10mm
3.3 overload return timesecMaximum 60 sec
4. Clutch brake  
4.1 Model   Dry pneumatic
4.2 Structure Integrated
4.3 Control Method Double-loop control
4.4 Solenoid Valve Double solenoid valve
4.5 Action Method
 -  Clutch
- Brakes
 Air Action
Spring Action
4.6 Friction Plate None asbestos material, flake
5. Lubrication System  
5.1 Circulation Method
lubrication Parts
5.2  Intermittent oil way method
      Lubrication Parts
method of distributing valve
Driven Parts , guide rails
Method of distributing valve
4. Key components Technology Process
Parts Name
Machining Technology Process
Machine Frame
Q235A Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Hot rolled steel plate cutting, bending into the required shape or size for V welding after 3-7 processing, then through burning blunt (annealing) relieving stress, Sandblasting derusting and anti-rust primer,the mechanical processing is complete, after PT checking flaw.
BolsterHot Rolled Steel Plate
Flame cutting materials , fine milling again after burning blunt ( annealing )
Connecting RodSpheroidal Graphite Casting QT500-7Boring and milling machine processing after annealing treatment
Ball Head LinkMedium Carbon Steel 45#Bar quenched and tempered to HS42 after forging, and then lathe turning to the required shape and size.
Saw tooth nutSpheroidal Graphite Casting
Boring and milling machine processing after annealing treatment
Guide Railscopper casting
After fine cutting with liquid nitrogen freezing to - 160 ºC, and then embed related parts, and tighten with lock screw fixation to prevent loose
Guide BushZQSn5-5-5Finish-Milling-- Copper taper pin fixation--Brass Screws and screw adhesive fastening
wheel hub: ZG45
spoke: Q235A
Rim: 45#
Tooth type: straight tooth
Wheel hub adopt casting (cast) processing. Wheel adopt hot rolled steel plate through flame cutting to the required shape and size, rim as the drive ring forging, both with v-shaped welding again as a body, each bead welding 10 ~ 12, then completion of welding by burning blunt (annealing), and PT inspection ,if  without defects then for the vertical lathe turning, hobbing machine, grinding machine, chamfering machine, etc.
Transmission Shaft
chrome-molybdenum alloy steel
Rod--Hardening and Tempering-- Rough Turning-- Finish Turning-grinding-- keyway cutting-chamfering-and etc

III.  Equipment Acceptance
Equipment design , manufacture and safety technology conditions are all in accordance with national and industry standards.
The outline drawing of the whole diagram and important parts will be sent to the buyer audit after design completed, and require buyer sign confirmation.
Equipment acceptance have pre-acceptance and final acceptance.
1. Pre-acceptance: Acceptance include appearance quality, technical parameters, performance and accuracy test, according to the technical agreement signed by both parties, and the national standards, signed by both parties representative pre-acceptance report.
2. Final acceptance, if necessary, in the mutual confirmation products has reached the technical requirements and quality requirements set forth in the agreement, after completion of equipment installation and debugging on the buyer factory, signed by both parties on behalf of the final acceptance report. Equipment manufacturer engineers is responsible for maintenance and other related personnel training theory and practical operation.

IV.   Service Commitment
1.Seller provides technical training and consulting service for the customer free of charge.
2. Buyer responsible for  shipping, clearance of discharge, Marine insurance ,and located the machine , prepare corresponding necessary operating environment;
3. Engineers available service abroad if necessary ,but buyer provide round-trip air-tickets, food, accommodation, and abroad commission 200 USD per person each day, seller responsible for commissioning , installation, and training service.
4. Warranty period 14 months dated from the date of delivery, within 2 hours to respond after received the user's fault information, if necessary will send engineers to the scene for maintenance services, and the customer provide necessary transportation and accommodation support.
5. Commitment to provide lifetime paid services after the warranty period, and provide the most preferential price for the required accessories.
6. Equipment damage caused by man-made reasons during warranty period, the required parts and logistics expenses shall be taken by the buyer, and seller provide  free maintenance  instruction service.

V.Technical Documents
1.  Operation Manual
2. Inspection Record
3. Manuals of  PLC, Frequency converter, and related documents. .

Prod Model: XPA-110
Precision Standard: GB(Japan 1 Class)
Frequency Inverter: Taiwan Delta / Japan Yaskawa
Hydraulic Over-Load Protector: Japan Showa/ Taiwan King Air
Dry Clutch: Italian Ompi
Main Motors: Taiwan Teco
Double Solenoid Valve: Japan's Taco
Oil Lubricator/Filter: German Rexroth/Japan SMC
Bearings: Japan NTN/NSK
PLC: Japan Omron
Welded Steel Structure: Elimination of Internal Stress Process, CNC Precis
Controlling Mode: CNC
Power Source: Mechanical Drive
Precision: High Precision
Type: High Precision Power Press
Automatic Grade: PLC Control ,Human-Machine Interface
Xuzhou Metalfoming Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a large-scale professional power press R&D and manufacturing enterprise, covered capacity 40ton~18000ton.

* Inherited more than 60 years of metalforming R&D and Manufacturing experiences, more than 20 patents.

* Factory Area 200, 000.00 square meters.

* Staff of about 400 people

Main Products:

*Mechanical Press

* Coil Feeder

* Hydraulic Press

*Forging Hydraulic Press

* Special Purpose Customized Power Press.

Widely used in varieties of areas of aerospace, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, home appliances and others, popular for technologies of drawing, blanking, bending, Extrusion, Forging, SMG Composite molding, and etc.

Technology advantages:

* Inherited 60 years of hydraulic metalforming R&D and Manufacturing experiences, more than 20 patents.

* Take lead in technologies of proportional servo control, position digital control, synchronizing control, screen-touching and industry computer control, adopt three-dimension and module design technology, representing the highest level in the hydraulic press industry in China

Manufacturing Strength:

*The company have lots of large floor boring and milling machines, heavy lathes, milling machine planers and other key equipments, for varieties of machining.

*Also established new production base specially for heavy duty hydraulic press manufacturing more than 4000ton.


* As a result of good quality and reputation so that our products renowned at home and abroad, typical customers such as China CRRC, China CSR, China FAW, YTO, SINOPEC, CSIC, SHIFENG GROUP, LIFAN AUTO, BTE wheel, SUNRISE Wheel, FIAT, Bosch, Gree Air-conditioners, and etc.

*The presses already exported to over 20 countries and regions, such as Asia, Australia, America and Africa, and etc.

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