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Sunny Drilling Concrete Stones Ceramics Diamond Core Drill Bits Tool

Sunny Drilling Concrete Stones Ceramics Diamond Core Drill Bits Tool
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Sunny Drilling Concrete Stones Ceramics Diamond Core Drill Bits Tool
Construction Core Drill Bit 

Core drill bit are produced to drill dimensionally accurate bore holes in these materials, reinforced concrete, asphalt,masonry,natural and artificial stone. Widely used in the building,heating,sanitary and electrical industries.
1. high diamond concentration,fast drilling rate,easy cutting and long service life.
2. Pre-sharpened diamond segments provide immediate usability.

 Brand SUNNY
 Product NameSunny Drilling Concrete Stones Ceramics Diamond Core Drill Bits Tool
 Item No.SY-DCD-313

 Material Diamond
 Origin Quanzhou, Fujian, China
1: high diamond concentration,fast drilling rate,easy cutting and long service life.
2: Pre-sharpened diamond segments provide immediate usability.

 Application Used for reinforced concrete, asphalt,masonry,natural and artificial stone.

Diameter(mm)Effective length(mm)ConnectionSegment shape
φ25~φ598     L350-L6001.1/4"UNC
R 1/2"


Diamond Core drill Bit--FAQ and Troubleshooting
SUNNY has prepared this guide to help you find, identify and resolve the problems which you may encounter with diamond drill bits.

The majority of problems encountered arise from:

  • the use of a drill bit not suited to the job,
  • the incorrect use of a drill bit,
  • equipment faults.

The tool will not cut


The tool will not cut.

The material is too hard for the diamond specification.Match the diamond specification to the material.
The bit is glazed (smooth diamonds).Re-sharpen the tool by drilling into abrasive material (sandstone, block etc.)
Excessive speed of rotation.Adjust speed of rotation.
The cooling is excessive and causes the tool to aquaplane.Reduce the water flow.
Excessive play within the carriage guides.Adjust the carriage on the slide to reduce play.
The weight on the tool is insufficient.Increase the weight on the tool.
The machine is badly fixed.Check that the machine's fixing is correct.
The motor is too weak.Match the motor power to the diameter.
Excessive wear of diamond segments.

Excessive wear of diamond segments.

Insufficient irrigation.Adjust the water flow.
Insufficient speed of rotation.Adjust speed of rotation.
Excessive speed of advance.Reduce speed of advance.
The material is more abrasive than expected.Use a blade with a harder diamond specification (see drill-bit selection table).
Too much motor power applied to the tool.Match the motor power to the drill diameter.
Too much play on the machine causing vibrations.Check the state of the machine.
Excessive wear of the bit's steel tube.

Excessive wear of the bit's steel tube.

The machine is badly anchored.Anchor the machine firmly.
The machine is incorrectly adjusted (excessive play in the carriage guides, motor spindle or adapter out of true, etc.).Correctly adjust the machine, replace worn parts, correct the play (rollers, bearings, adapters, etc.).
The tool is warped.Withdraw any warped tool. If it is relatively new, it may be straightened by the supplier.
The bit is not correctly fixed to the motor spindle.Check that the bit is correctly aligned on the motor spindle (straight line).
There are fragments of metal in the bottom of the hole that have not been evacuated by the coolant.Remove all the metal fragments from the drilled hole. Temporarily increase the flow of water to clean out the hole and remove any debris that may still be there.
Segments broken and lost in the hole.

Segments broken and lost in the hole.

For a bit with brazed segments, stopping the coolant even for an instant has caused the segments to heat up and destroy the brazing.Always ensure the tool is correctly irrigated.
The bit has suffered some knocks in the hole (due to steel or loose debris, etc.) and these have broken the segments.Remove the bit from the machine and recover all the bits of steel, segments and debris before introducing a new bit. If any segment debris remains in the hole, there is a risk of very rapid damage to the new bit.
Excessive speed of rotation causes heating up of the segments.Take the tool out of service, replace or repair it if possible (consult supplier). Adjust the speed of rotation.
Start up too brutal.Always start drilling gently.
Impacts due to the equipment being dropped.Avoid dropping the bit on the ground as this can crack the segments.
Tool jammed in the hole.
Debris is blocked between the core and the bit tube (steel, pieces of material); a steel bar has been drilled "banana shaped"; it has moved during drilling and jammed the bit (wedge effect).Disconnect the bit from the machine: use a spanner to turn the bit in both directions until it is released.
Loss of side-clearance of segments.Check the side-clearance of the segments. If the play is too little replace the tool.
1.    More than 22 years experience in diamnd tools;
2.    Get knowledge of market demand;
3.    12 experienced professors and engineers;
4.    High efficiency production flow;
5.    Strict quality control system;
6.    Exported to more than 60 countries;
7.    Professional sales team with prompt reply;

Contact us:
Quanzhou Sunny Superhard Tools Co., Ltd.
Add: Tangxi Industrial Zone, Luojiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
TEL: 86 - 595 - 22003682
FAX: 86 - 595 - 22003987

Prod Model: SY-DCDB-1000(Diamond Core drill Bit)
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Usage: Drilling
Manufacturing Arts: Welding
Kind: Diamond Core Drill Bit
Saw Blade External Diameter: 18-400mm
Diameter(mm): 6 - 400
Segment Height(mm): 8 - 10
Connection: M14 5/8''-11 G1/2'', Straight Shank
Working Length(mm): 60-500
Company Website: HTTP://Www.Sunnytools.Biz
Advantage: Quality & Price
QUANZHOU SUNNY SUPERHARD TOOLS Co., Ltd is a professional and Dynamic Diamond Tools manufacturer, established in 1993, Located in Quanzhou, Fujian province, China, factory covering 15000 square meters. Our technical department is composed of experienced professors and engineers. We devote ourselves to researching and manufacturing cutting and processing Diamond tools for nature stone and building materials. Our tools are exported to more than 60 countries, including America, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, India, Egypt, South Africa etc.

Main Products:

Cutting Tools (Saw blade, Segment, Wire saw etc)

Grinding&Polishing Tools (Calibration Rollers, Fickerts, Frankfurt, Cup wheel, Profilling wheel, Polishing pad, brush etc)

Drilling Tools (Finger Bit, Core drill etc)

The Philosophy of Sunny is "Superior product and service derived from standard and efficWe have a high efficiency team, each department strictly comply with company regulations.

From receiving your enquiry, put order in production and Dispatch to after-sales service, Ient management. "

In order to provide customer most suitable tools, we keep researching and analysing nature stone and engineering material. We cooperate with stone factory to test tools, and keep close contact with our customers by visit or communication to get knowledge of market demand.

We Response All Your Request efficiently To Save Your Time And Provide Your Utmost Convenience.

The deep understanding for customer's demand and strict quality control help us developing quickly, we wish to get your collaboration to achieve our objectives together!

Our aim is to provide our clients stable and consistant quality with competitive price.

Advantages enable clients benefits from our tools.

1. Experienced bond system

2. Advanced equipment and high grade raw material

3. Strictly production procedures control and quality inspection.

4. Customer's active feedback and support help us developing fast.

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