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SDS Hammer Drill with Cross-Head

SDS Hammer Drill with Cross-Head
Price: Negotiable/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB
Min Order: 100/Set
Pay Type: T/T,Paypal,Western Union
SDS Hammer Drill Bit Sets

For drilling stone, brick, tile, concrete, marble, granite etc


1. Standard: DIN 8035
2. Production technics: Roll forged, Milled; Fully ground
3. Surface finishing: Bright, Black, Coffee color Tin coating
4. Materials: 40CR or 45# STEEL, with YG8C carbide tips

*Cutting edge:
1) 118° General angle
2) 135° General angle

5. Packing: PVC Pouch, Plastic Box, Plastic tube, Metal Box or as per the customer's requirement.

* Delivery:

30-45days after order confirmed

SDS-Plus Shank Electric Hammer with Straight-head
Size*length Size*length Size*length Size*length Size*length Size*length Size*length
4x110 8x600 12x1000 18x210 22x350 25x450 28x800
4x160 10x110 14x160 18x260 22x400 25x500 28x1000
4x210 10x160 14x210 18x310 22x450 25x600 30x210
5x110 10x210 14x260 18x350 22x500 25x800 30x260
5x160 10x260 14x310 18x400 22x600 25x1000 30x310
5x210 10x310 14x350 18x450 22x800 26x160 30x350
5x260 10x350 14x400 18x500 22x1000 26x210 30x400
6x110 10x400 14x450 18x600 24x160 26x260 30x450
6x160 10x450 14x500 18x800 24x210 26x310 30x500
6x210 10x500 14x600 18x1000 24x260 26x350 30x600
6x260 10x600 14x800 20x160 24x310 26x400 30x800
6x310 10x800 14x1000 20x260 24x350 26x450 30x1000
6x350 10x1000 16x160 20x310 24x400 26x500 32x210
6x400 12x110 16x210 20x350 24x450 26x600 32x260
6x450 12x160 16x260 20x400 24x500 26x800 32x310
8x110 12x210 16x310 20x450 24x600 26x1000 32x350
8x160 12x260 16x350 20x500 24x800 28x210 32x400
8x210 12x310 16x400 20x600 24x1000 28x260 32x450
8x260 12x350 16x450 20x800 25x160 28x310 32x500
8x310 12x400 16x500 20x1000 25x210 28x350 32x600
8x350 12x450 16x600 22x160 25x260 28x400 32x800
8x400 12x500 16x800 22x210 25x310 28x450 32x1000
8x450 12x600 16x1000 22x260 25x350 28x500  
8x500 12x800 18x160 22x310 25x400 28x600  
Prod Model: 4*110L~38*600L
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Type: Impact Drill
Yabang Precision Tools company is located in Kunshan City, China.

Our products such as carbide end mills, Carbide drills, Carbide Inserts, Tool Holders, Boring Bars can be use on CNC machine, and TCT Saw Blades, Diamond Saw Blades, HSS Drill Bits, Masonry Drills, Electrical Hammer Drills are both our best-selling products.

We began our international expansion in 2005 we have grown steadily and now export 60% of our production to more than 30 countries.

· Europe: Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Britain, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic,

· Africa: Morocco, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Algeria

· Middle East: Turkey, Iran, Lebanon and UAR

· Asia and Oceania: Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Nepal.

· America: Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Argentina

Since its founding as a small supplier of precision cutting tools, Yabang has grown steadily to become a major provider of Precision Tooling systems. The company's goal to be a total tooling resource for the industry, with these important features:






Today Yabang has matured, it has invested heavily in infrastructure to support the changing needs of manufacturers.

That's why at Yabang, we feel that our precision tooling systems will work for you. We're your partners in production.


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  • Kunshan Yabang Precision Tools Co., Ltd.

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