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Sapphire Knives with Titanium Handle

Sapphire Knives with Titanium Handle
Price: Negotiable/Set
Trade Terms: FOB
Min Order: 10/Set
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P,Western Union,Paypal
Sapphire Knives with Titanium Handle

Phaco Spear
36001 Spear, 60°, 1.0mm, angled
36002 Spear, 60°, 1.2mm, angled
36003 Spear, 60°, 1.8mm, angled
36004 Spear, 60°, 2.2mm, angled
36005 Spear, 60°, 2.4mm, angled
36006 Spear, 60°, 2.5mm, angled
36007 Spear, 60°, 2.65mm, angled
36080 Spear, 60°, 2.75mm, angled
36008 Spear, 60°, 2.8mm, angled
36082 Spear, 90°, 3.0mm, angled
36009 Spear, 60°, 3.0mm, angled
36010 Spear, 60°, 3.2mm, angled
36083 Spear, 90°, 3.2mm, angled
36011 Spear, 60°, 5.2mm, angled
36012 Spear, Round, 5.2mm, angled

Clear Corneal
36013 Clear Corneal, 60°, 1.0mm, angled
36014 Clear Corneal, 60°, 1.2mm, angled
36015 Clear Corneal, 60°, 1.5mm, angled
36016 Clear Corneal, 60°, 2.2mm, angled
36017 Clear Corneal, 60°, 2.4mm, angled
36018 Clear Corneal, 60°, 2.5mm, angled
36019 Clear Corneal, 60°, 2.65mm, angled
36020 Clear Corneal, 60°, 2.75mm, angled
36021 Clear Corneal, 60°, 2.8mm, angled
36022 Clear Corneal, 60°, 3.0mm, angled
36023 Clear Corneal, 60°, 3.2mm, angled

Crescent Tunnel
36024 Crescent, 1.5mm, angled
36025 Crescent, 2.0mm, angled
36026 Crescent, 2.2mm, angled
36027 Crescent, 2.5mm, angled
36028 Crescent, 2.8mm, angled

All Sharp Blade
36067 Trapezoid, 0.8/1.2mm, angled
36029 Trapezoid, 0.9/1.2mm, angled
36030 Trapezoid, 1.0/1.3mm, angled
36068 Trapezoid, 1.2/1.5mm, angled
36069 Trapezoid, 1.3/1.5mm, angled
36070 Trapezoid, 1.5/1.8mm, angled
36031 Trapezoid, 1.8/2.2mm, angled
36032 Trapezoid, 1.8/2.4mm, angled
36071 Trapezoid, 1.9/2.5mm, angled
36072 Trapezoid, 2.0/2.3mm, angled
36040 Trapezoid, 2.1/2.9mm, angled
36073 Trapezoid, 2.3/2.8mm, angled
36041 Trapezoid, 2.35/3.2mm, angled
36074 Trapezoid, 2.5/2.8mm, angled
36033 Trapezoid, 2.5/2.9mm, angled
36034 Trapezoid, 2.5/3.2mm, angled
36035 Trapezoid, 2.5/3.4mm, angled
36075 Trapezoid, 2.6/3.0mm, angled
36076 Trapezoid, 2.7/2.9mm, angled
36077 Trapezoid, 2.7/3.0mm, angled
36078 Trapezoid, 2.7/3.2mm, angled
36079 Trapezoid, 3.0/3.5mm, angled

36045 Lance with micro-facet tip, 45°, 0.5mm, 0.18mm flat tip
35046 Lance with micro-facet tip, 45°, 1.0mm, 0.18mm flat tip

36047 Lance, 35°, 1.0mm, straight

Single Edge
Front cutting, two sides bevelled blade
36059 30°, 1.0mm, straight
36060 45°, 1.0mm, straight
36061 45°, 2.0mm, straight

Double Edge
Front & side cutting, two sides bevelled blade
36059B 30°, 1.0mm, straight 36060B 45°, 1.0mm, straight
36061B 45°, 2.0mm, straight 36084 60°, 0.5mm, straight

36064 Tri-Facet, 1.0mm, straight
36065 Tri-Facet, 1.2mm, straight
Prod Model: SA-KN
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Color: Blue
Application: Microsurgery
Feature: Reusable
Certification: ISO13485
Group: Adult
Type: Knives
Material: Titanium
NEW VISION dedicates to developing and manufacturing High Quality Ophthalmic and Optometry Equipment, and also focus on offering digital solutions to Slit lamp, Operation Microscope and Fundus Camera.

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Ophthalmic Equipments

Operation Microscope, Slit lamp, YAG Laser, Digital Retinal Camera, Ophthalmic A/B Scan, Stand and Chair, Phoropter, Auto refractometer/ Keratometer, Auto Chart Projector, Vision Chart, Auto lensmeter, Rebound-Tonometer, PD Meter, Trail lens set and Frame, Loose Prism and Prism bar...

Digital Photography adapters

Beam splitter, DSLR Camera adapter, HD Video camera adapter, HD Camcorder adapter, Inverter, Laser filter, iPhone photography adapter, Samsung Photography adapter, eyepiece camera adapter...

3D Video regarding System

Designed for Operation microscopes, do Three Dimensional surgery recording...

All products are CE Marked, and most of Products are FDA Approval.

As an exploiter and manufacturer, we design, manufacture and distribute reliable ophthalmic instruments to meet the needs of eye surgeons and eye specialists. Besides, a team of Specialists and Technocrats of Ophthalmology, Optics, Mechanics, Electronics are dedicating to innovation in this field.

We have always been focusing on innovations to guide the market, making healthcare more accessible and affordable. Our R&D experts provide customized solutions to meet customers' specific requests; Our sales offer customers with competitive price and after sales service. In a world, in NEW VISION, you will always enjoy high quality, competitive price, on-time delivery and first-class service.

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