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Safety Hammer Hammer Breaking Glass Hammer for Emergency

Safety Hammer Hammer Breaking Glass Hammer for Emergency
Price: US $ 1.94-1.95/Piece
Min Order: 1000/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T
 1. Safety hammer use
      In fact, safety hammer is mainly the use of its conical tip, the contact area of the tip is very small, so when using a hammer to hit the glass, the contact pressure on the glass (not pressure, but pressure per unit area) Large, this principle with a thumbtack is a bit similar, the film is very easy to be punctured, but also to make car glass at this point by a large external force and produce a slight cracking, and for tempered glass, a little bit of cracking on This means that the stress distribution inside the monolithic glass has been destroyed, resulting in countless spider web-like cracks in an instant. At this moment, the glass fragments can be removed by just gently striking the hammer a few more times.
      Tempered glass in the middle is the most solid, four corners and the edge is the weakest. The best way is to use a safety hammer to beat the edges and corners of the glass, especially in the middle of the upper edge of the glass. Once the glass is cracked, knock on it again. About 2 kilos of pressure are said to smash the corners of tempered glass
      If there is no safety hammer, women's high heels is also a good thing, the heel up enough to hit it, the thinner heel the better!
  2 on the train Note:
      If you take a long-distance car, it is best to choose from the safety door or the roof safety exit relatively close to the place. If you wish, you can take a closer look at how to open the security door instructions, because in the event of an accident, you can not look at the static instructions.
 Product Features : 
      When a car accident (such as: car rollover, creek, etc.), need to escape from the car, you can use the tail of the life-saving hammer cutting the fuse, and then use a pointed lifesaver to break the window glass, and then escape the car . It is the last passenger protection barrier!
Product Features Introduction:
      This product is very good in appearance design, quite remarkable: compared with the general similar products, more humane, more in line with actual needs. For example: its end, is a protruding hook, and unlike some products, this part did not protrude, and handle the general Qi, which increases the difficulty of emergency use. Imagine how many people in an emergency will calm their seat belts aligned knife gap it? And our product, the use of much more convenient, emergency, people just push it to the seat belt, its hook will naturally hooked the seatbelt, and the seat belt into the gap In addition, its base design, so that the product is very stable above the fixed, even if the car will not fall down bumps, and if needed, can be very convenient to remove.
Prod Model: BR27000030
Type: Machinists Hammer
Hammer Material: Steel
Application: Roofing Hammer
Explosion-proof: Not Explosion-proof

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