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Reverse Circulation Hammer for Drilling Water Well

Reverse Circulation Hammer for Drilling Water Well
Price: US $ 300-3000/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
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Reverse Circulation DTH RC Hammer

RC series reverse circulation DTH Hammer is the latest developed product of our company. It is mainly used for deep exploration drilling and ore grade control.
It has the following characteristics:
1. Based on previous experience of ordinary hammers, combined with the features of recerse circulation hammer, optimized internal structure and ideal energy transfer, thus ensuring the series of hammers deilling with fast smooth and continuous sampling.
2. The internal structure is very simple with components of high rigidity, thus ensuring long life and easy maintenance of the hammer.
3. The collection tube adopts an intergrative design and can be replaced without disassembling the hammer. With carburizing treatment, it has good abrasive resistance.
4. Equipped with bits designed with patent. Simply by replacing the drill bit, the same hammer can drill holes of different sizes ensuring that the sample is not contaminated.
 5. In difficult condition such as loose soil, hard rock and plenty of water exists, sampling can be done well.

Working principle
1. With the piston resting on the percussion bit and the hammer closed up in the drilling position, high pressure air is directed into the bottom chamber of the Hammer and the piston lifts. This commences the piston cycle.

2. As the piston travels upwards it forms the top chamber by forming a seal with the inner tube and the ID the piston. Further movement seals the port that feeds the bottom chamber and also simultaneously releases the seal on the bottom chamber allowing the air to expand and exhaust down the splines of the percussion bit. At the same time the Top chamber port is opened which feeds the high pressure air into the previously formed top chamber thus increasing the pressure above the piston and forcing it back down.

3.During the down cycle or power stroke the piston reseals the bottom chamber on the piston bearing bush thus stopping the exhaust air and creating a chamber of high pressure air below the piston which forces the piston back up the hammer.

4. Lifting the hammer of the bottom of the hole allows the percussion bit to slide down the drive sub also allowing the piston to slide down the hammer and rest on the piston bearing bush. The piston strike face and the strike face of the percussion bit can now not come into contact thus allowing the free flow of high pressure air directly through the hammer without the hammer cycling.
DTH Hammer TypeHRC45HRC55HRC65HRC52RC542RC543RC545RC547
Length (less bit) mm10201111125012081191119112611270
Weight (excluding bit) kg9466.51107057626571
External diameter mm99126146126109.5116117.5124.5
Bit shank HRC45HRC55HRC65PR52RE542RE542RE545RE547
Hole range mm114-127133-152155-190133-146113-130120-135122-135130-146
Connection thread upon the thread of the drill tube3.5"-4" remet
4" metzke
4"-4.5" remet
4"-4.5" metzke
4.5" remet
4.5" metzke
working pressureMpa1.0-3.01.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-3.5
Impact rate at 1.7 MpaHZ3035283535353535
Recommended Rotation Speedr/min25-4025-4025-4025-4025-4025-4025-4025-40
Air consumption (m3/min1.0 Mpa816201612121616
Prod Model: RC542
ODM And OEM: Yes
Usage: Coal, Ore, Water Well, for DTH Driller
Brand: Bestlink
Xiamen Bestlink Factory Co., Ltd.Is committed to providing the best drilling and cutting machines, tools and accessories products in marble and granite stone quarrying, as well as in civil engineering application, especial demolition project.Our company is now a leading manufacturer of cutting and drilling equipment for the extraction of marble, granite and ornamental stones in China.

Since 1985, we have produced and supplied high quality Split AG Non-Explosive Demolition Agent to our worldwide customers in the quarrying and demolition industries.

From early 2000, we have made a start in the study and developed the Hydraulic Rocks and Concrete Splitters by patent inventions, and reached a great success in the domestic and overseas market.Now, we are only a producer and exporter just now from China.

In 2004, we developed and produced the patented products:Hydraulic Rock Drill, Stone holes Groover, Stone Crack Expander and Hydraulic Rock Breaker.We offer a vast range of hydraulic and pneumatic drills and machines for diamond wire cutting as well as all kinds of accessories for quarrying activities.

Now, quality products are being exported to more than 45 countries and regions all over the world including the USA and Europe with high reputation.

We are continually looking for ways to develop drilling and cutting technology for quarrying and demolition, and hoping to be the world No.1 company about quality and prices of hydraulic Splitters and Expansive Cement within 5 years.Thank you very much for your support and wish to get your deep interest and be your best partner.

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