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Powder Coating Accessories

Powder Coating Accessories
Price: US $ 100-100000/Set
Min Order: 1/Set
Pay Type: T/T,Western Union

powder coating accessories

Customize: Yes   Brand : Huagon        model:customization

purpose: electronic product ,cosmetics bottles, cap and some of the small work piece.

product description

Equipment models : one coating one toasting , two coating two toasting, three coating Three toasting, four coating four toasting , single UV Spraying line, double UV spraying line can choose, and custom made

product purpose:

electronic product ,cosmetics bottles, cap and some of the small work piece.

Spraying process:  Loading material preheatflame dust abatement static dust abatement  printing IR  UV curingloadingvacuum plating

powder coating accessories

Our Services

Spraying equipment after-sales process
1.Contract promised after-sales service commitment
2.After the completion of the commissioning/machine:
A) relevant materials and spare parts delivery
B) send professional spray technicians to operating personnel, maintenance of personnel training.
3.Set up exclusive customer profiles - "after-sales service file"
4.The initiative to make an appointment, on-site maintenance, monthly, quarterly active contact with maintenance
5.Maintain acceptance, use maintenance are also put forward for customer reference, record the customer feedback
6.Back to the factory the archive, and record it to the unfinished work in order to follow up in time
After-sales department development situation
Our company is the industry after the first actively.Under the influence of the financial crisis in 2008, the factory also naturally affected.In difficult circumstances, workers few things, in order to avoid loss, improve workers' production enthusiasm, firm contrarian active maintenance plan is put forward, the initiative door-to-door after-sales service for the customer.Through this move our harvest is very big:
1.Active after-sales behavior for customers to our liking, promote the friendly relationship with customers.
2.Improve the workers work enthusiasm, to avoid the staff turnover;
3.Can understand the needs of customers, under the environment of the financial crisis, in order to save the cost of the customer will choose to modify existing lines to reduce costs, because we have the professional equipment, consumable and procurement through to us.
From 2008 to now, we have the perfect after-sales service, insisted to provide quality after-sales service:
1.Installation and debugging equipment for the customer;
2.Send application professional technicians to spray commissioning and personnel training, for free on the use, maintenance and other aspects of spraying technology guidance:
3.To ensure maintenance spare parts supply, to help customers improve process, reduce the cost;
4.Timely maintenance and some maintenance advice to customers, to prevent problems;
With high quality good faith post-sale service work for many years, the company won the customer's widely recognized.Also let us have benefited a lot from, in the midst of after-sales, we can understand the procurement needs of customers in a timely manner, to equipment in the possible problems in the process of production, more understanding, reserve a large number of technical parameters for equipment research and development innovation, let the product strive for perfection.In the future, we will, as always, to provide quality good faith service, let customers choose us, choose peace of mind.


Q1:Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A1:We are 100% manufacturer,professional supplier of spray painting line for over 12 years.

Q2:How hong is your delivery time?
A2:Generally it is 40-45 workdays,it is according to the layout.

Q3:What is your terms of payment?
A3:Multiple,we can disscuss.

Q4:What is your Pre-sales service?
A4:*Inquiry and consulting support.
*Technology solution and quotation.
*Customer visit our factory and check our production.

Q5:Where is factory?Can visit?
A5:Yes,of course.We located in Hanxishui Industrial Area, Chashan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
You could fly to Shenzhen Baoan Airport/Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.Warmly welcome to visit us!

Q6:Could you provide the design for me?
A6:Absolutely,we can.We are a manufacturer and designer.Just let me know your product informations and requirements like product sizes,pictures,material,output,field map,technological process,or price budget and so on.We will make a layout according to your requirments.

Contact:Edison Liu
Dongguan Huagon Automation Co., Ltd.
Phone:+8618929190857  Tel:+86-769-83266590
Website:Http://en.Huagon.Net/ https://huagon888.En.Alibaba.Com/
Add:Hanxishui Industrial Area, Chashan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Prod Model: powder coating accessories
Name: Powder Coating Accessories
Application For: Painting Spraying
Coating Color: Customized
Technology: Paint Automizing Spray
Kinds Of Coating: Liquid Coating
Usage: Paint Spraying Coating
Voltage: 380V/220V
Power(W): 40~60kw
Warranty: 12 Months
Payment: Tt
Type: Electrostatic Spraying Equipment
Application: Porcelain Spraying Equipment
Certification: ISO
Method Type: Automatic
Our company is located in the guangdong province dongguan chashan town cold brook industrial zone. Companies focus on innovation and development, pour into creating a nearly a person's professional and technical team. In recent years, the company's service scope expanding, and gradually become automatic spraying equipment design, manufacture, sale of enterprises.

Science is rigorous whole

Our company pay attention to personnel training, at present, 40% of our employees to senior technicians. Over the years, our company continuously innovation, and improve production technology and service customers in: Automobile, IT communications, cosmetics, liquor, electricity, hardware, electrical appliances, furniture and other industries.

Products: The workpiece rotation automatic spraying line, UV coating coating production line, spraying manipulator system, reciprocating engine spraying line, plane UV line, bottle DISK electrostatic spraying line, porcelain DIP coating equipment, metal electrostatic spray chalk line, etc.

Forge ahead Innovation development

The development of industry make our company deeply realize the importance of cutting-edge technology. In recent years, our company continuously in automation technology research and development into a large amount of manpower and material resources, financial resources, and set up a automation research and development department, research delicate, is committed to fully mechanized equipment research and development. Full automation technology products, further optimize the allocation of resources, the advent of digital computer operation, spraying manipulator system and manipulator equipment to help customers effectively save manpower, enterprise labor situation, better adapt to market demand.

All resources into research and development for patent technology fruits, and we keep each year thousands of new patent technology application, including "heavy steel aluminum track" and "prevent spring automatic joint rotation structure" have been applied to practical production.

Active after-sales plan ahead The initiative door-to-door service and maintenance

In 2008, the company will "active service" as the basic customer strategy, the first industry. We realized from pre-sales to after-sale one-stop service stars: Pre-sale, we tailor design scheme for the customer; In the manufacturing and debugging link, rigorous professional, using imported testing instrument for data detection, effectively guarantee the equipment performance; Training link, the sending application professional technicians to spray commissioning and personnel training, perennial provide free spraying technology support; After-sales, commissioner, following the tracks of fault time arrived, guarantee customers full worry-free.

Create professional diligence, yong best "Marty natalegawa. With the years of high quality good faith service, the company won the customer's widely recognized, in the future, we will adhere to the "innovation seek progress" spirit of enterprise, actively expand innovation, research and development more new products, to meet customer demand. Choose us, choose peace of mind.

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