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Pole Line Hardware for Transmission and Distribution Line

Pole Line Hardware for Transmission and Distribution Line
Price: US $ 11/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P
 The Fuse Cutout type OEI was developed to operate in overhead distribution systems rated at 11
kV to 38 kV grounded systems with 100 or 200 A nominal currents.
Especially designed to protect transformers, capacitors, cables or lines.
It is robust construction, made of rigorously tested material, will interrupt all faults under the
most severe conditions, maintaining mechanical and electric characteristics.
The inserts, hardware and structural bolts and nuts are made from heavy galvanized steel.
The Fuse Cutout type OEI can be applied on all three-phase system rated at or below the maximum
operational rating of the cutout.
ProductD  Bracket
Test ItemsTest ContentTest Result
Visual  InspectionCrack1)      Passed Mark"√"
2)  Not Passed Mark"×"
Test Conclusion:
Stoma Trachoma
Galvanizing thicknessμm1)      Passed Mark"√"
2)      Not Passed Mark"×":
Test Conclusion:
Mechanical CharacteristicsMechanical Load1)Passed Mark"√"
2)Not Passed Mark"×"
Test Conclusion:
InspectorDate:  02. March,2011                        Approved:

Prod Model: U-7 Q-7 QH-7 QP-7 Z-7 Z-12 W-7A W-7B
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Our company is one of factory Of OEIpower, Local in No. 15, Tongbai, Industrial Zone, Nanyang City, Hean Province, China, OEIpower to provide complete solutions for the Energy sector, mainly power generation, transmission and distribution markets. OEIpower is able to lead turn-key projects and also cooperate in specific parts of engineering projects. Regarding products, OEIpower is creating a solid sales and distribution network in order to manage the main components involved in the energy sector and markets.

It is a professional Manufacturing. Meanwhile, it is specialized in power transmission and distribution products such as Insulators, Drop-out Fuse, Fuse link, Load Interrupter Air Switchs, Surge arrester, Outdoor Off-Load Isolator Switch Disconnector switch etc. We have won many orders for World markets, Like South Korea, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Yemen, etc.

Our most of the products have passed the type test performed by Electric Power lin Aeeseeory Quality Inspection Center of electric Power industry, such as Xi'an High Voltage Research Insitute. And IST off-load switch type IST-12KV/400A already passed CENTRAL POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE HIGH-VOLTAGE LABORATORY India. Our 12KV 8KA Drop Out fuse already passed the ASTA testing in the year 2015.

Promise of After-sales Service

To ensure the quality of After-sales Service, We have established the After-sales Service Department, and compiled the process of after-sales service, We require service-man should passion, cordial, patient, careful, considerate and instant for customers. Our general service: After receive telephone, the local service-man direct to the site to solve the problem, to security reasonable interest of the customer. When finishing all the work. Service men must fill the bill of customers' feedback suggestion, and ask the customers' signature. Then deliver it to the After-sales Service Department as feedback information, then to the designing and exploiting department. Special condition: Directly send someone from company to dealing, Our products' guarantee days are two years. Within those days, Quality problems of causing by customers. We'll repair freely, Causing by customers using, operating and keeping un-properly, we'll repair permanently and charge properly. Out of guarantee days, we'll repair with charge (fee of component and repairing).

Main Technical Testing Equipment


Name of checkout equipment


86-G Type impulse peak Voltage test equipment


MY-4KV Type voltage dependent resistor test equipment


MDA-30 Type DC parameter test equipment


Metal-oxide surge arrester bleeder current test equipment


500KV power frequency withstand voltage test equipment


HR-3 Type loop resistance test equipment


GKC-6 Type High-voltage switch mechanical properties test equipment


5A heavy current test equipment


YHN-8 Type auto power frequency withstand voltage console


CJV-800 Type impulse with stand voltage test equipment


CJI-1 Type impulse with stand current test equipment


JF-1 Type complementary Metal-oxide surge arrester instrument for measuring partial discharge


XR-2 Type power frequency test equipment


MD-1A Type Metal-oxide surge arrester electrification test equipment


JZ-800 Type AC/DC high voltage test equipment


XC -5/220 Type control box

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