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Microcomputer Material Torsion Testing Machine

Microcomputer Material Torsion Testing Machine
Price: US $ 2000-25000/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T

Main funtion
1) it maily used in torsion test and research under room temperature with various materials.
2) It tests and researchs with cylinder and tubular sample for continuous torque loading, torque, torque strength and angle, angular rigidity, angle of constant torque, torque of constant angle any other properties.
3) it tests bonding layer between metals and metal and nonmetals, bolts, valves, pipe fittings, wrenches, soft materials, composite materials, wires with increasing gripper.

Mainly used for fatigue testing of steel wire rope, steel tape. 

Applied Standards: 
It conforms to standards of ASTM A938, ISO 7800: 2003, GB/T 239-1998, GB 10128 and others equivalent.

Important parameter:
1) Max. Toque: 1000N.m
2) Test range: 2% -- 100%F.S
3) Resolution of torque: 1/±300000
4) Relative error of indicating value: ≤±1%
5) Torsion angle: 0°-- ∞
6) Resolution of torsion angle: 0.01°
7) Speed of torsion: 0°-- 720°/min
8) Relative error of torsion speed: between ±1% of setting value.
9) Moving distance between clamplers: 0 --600mm
10) Error of coaxiality: less than diameter of 1.0mm 
11) Central height of main axial of machine: 170mm
12) Power: 0.75KW
13) Voltage(reliable landing): 220V±10%, 50Hz.
14) Size of machine: 1750*600*950
15) Weight: 700KG
16) Gripper: inserting type, diameter of 8 --20mm

Prod Model: torsion testing machine
Weight: 500-1000Kg
Power Source: AC380V
Type: Wire Torsion Testing Machine
Shanghai SHENLI testing machine Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of advanced testing machine products with strong technical capability. All employees have had years of experience in testing machine industry. We continues providing solutions of material properties for all walks of the society like materials engineers, researchers, producers and manufacturers, enabling them to get a better achievement.

The company is located in FengXian District, Shanghai, equipped with an integrated office complex, scientific research office, heavy machinery workshop, precision machinery processing workshop, spray workshop, electrical welding workshop, assembly workshop, testing workshop, electrical room, product exhibition hall, etc...It also equipped with various kinds of precision machining equipment and testing equipment such as large-scale processing center.

While we are continually improving the quality of products and enhancing the value of our brand, we also have a strong focus on design and improving the standards of our products. At the same time, we integrate our entire process of product development and production into the ISO9001 Quality Management System to ensure comprehensive management and control. SHENLI has developed more than 20 series over 200 models of testing machines and many of our products have been awarded national patents.

Our products and solutions are mainly used in scientific research, product development, product analysis, control and other fields. Our customers are widely involved in aerospace, iron and steel industry, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, building materials, biological materials, universities, research institutes, national quality inspection, import and export inspection and other fields.

We are also closely cooperating with large enterprises, research institutions, quality inspection institutions and other users for sustainable development. Ingratiating to the changing needs of our customers, we still provide products and services with high quality following the philosophy of "Quality First and User First".

From small to large tonnage testing machine, we always provide the best products and solutions for our customers in extensive material testing field based on years of experience and advanced technology, looking forward to being your trusted partner.

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