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Lock Hardware Factory with Powder Metallurgy MIM

Lock Hardware Factory with Powder Metallurgy MIM
Price: US $ 0.1-0.15/Piece
Min Order: 1000/Piece
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Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an established and proven manufacturing technique for producing small, complex, tight-tolerance and high-performance metal parts. MIM is a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal forming techniques such as machining, investment casting, and powder metallurgy. MIM excels at applications that require shape complexity and material properties (high strength, magnetic permeability and corrosion resistance) that cannot be fulfilled by plastic and light metal alloys. It offers tremendous single-step parts consolidation potential that makes it a competitive alternative to stamped/machined-parts assemblies. Many design and economic limitations of traditional metalworking technologies can be readily overcome by MIM. 

Today, MIM is serving critical performance applications in a wide range of industries and products including, automotive, commercial aerospace, cellular telephones, dental instruments, electronic heat sinks and hermetic packages, electrical connector hardware, industrial tools, fiber optic connectors, fluid spray systems, hard disk drives, pharmaceutical devices, power hand-tools, surgical instruments, and sporting equipment.

Why mim is best choice?

Cost Effective Design Flexibility
Material Variety and IntegrityToday, MIM is serving critical performance applications in a wide range of industries and products including, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, dental implants and instruments, electronic and fiber optic connectors, hermetic packages, surgical instruments and implants, power and hand tools, hardware and sporting gear.

About MIMO
 Suzhou Mimo Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in 2006, is   located in the beautiful Yangtze River delta - Suzhou Wujiang. Company covers an area 9500 square meters, owns mixing workshop, injection molding workshop, degreasing sintering workshop, testing center. Company has always adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, cooperation and win-win, sincere and high efficiency, first-class service" for the service concept, use high-tech enterprises and brand building our company's future, we have professional team and mature technology, resolved to become a domestic leading professional MIM manufacturing company

Problems to be noticed in mechanical polishing?

Should pay attention to problems in mechanical polishing with sandpaper polishing, should pay attention to the following points:
(1) need to use sandpaper polishing stick or soft bamboo stick. When polishing round or spherical surface, the use of cork rod can better fit the circular surface and the surface of the sphere. Hard wood like cherry, polishing is more suitable for smooth surface. Trimming of the wood at the end of the surface shape of steel parts and kept consistent. Only in this way can avoid the wood or bamboo strips) acute angle of contact on the surface of steel caused by deep scratches.
(2) when used for different types of sand paper, the polishing direction should transform 45 ~ 90 degrees, so the former models of sandpaper polishing after leave the shadow stripe can be resolution. Before the change of different types of sand must be 100% pure cotton picks up like alcohol cleaning fluid to the polished surface was carefully wipe, because that will destroy the next a small gravel left on the surface polishing work as a whole. From the sandpaper polished into diamond grinding paste polishing, the cleaning process is equally important. All particles and kerosene must be thoroughly cleaned before the polishing is carried out.
(3) in order to avoid scratches and burn the surface of the workpiece, must be careful in using #1200 and #1500 sandpaper polishing. So it is necessary to load a light load and use the two step polishing method to polish the surface. For each type of sandpaper polishing should be in two different directions of two polishing, two direction between each rotation of 45 degrees ~ 90 degrees.

How to control the cost during the process of MIM?

Metal injection molding is cost-effective compared other manufacturing process when produce complex shape, small size metal components in large quantity, and what else we can do to save more money?

Purchasing cost

The purity of powder metallurgy products between 95%-98% in general, and the procurement cost of raw materials is equal to the cost of each gram of metal materials costs x parts cubage x parts density. So to control the cost, the volume of the part is to be the precise calculation.  

How to produce

The pressure is not the same different requirements of the product to, so the cost will be different. MIM productsused in the suppression of the equipment isn't more, and the speed should be fast.

Control the mold cost

We need to choose the high pressure materials when we choose the material as a mold material, which can ensure product specifications more accurate.

Contact with us in 24 hours.

Aaron Sale of Jiangsu Mimo Metal Co.,LTD.
TEL:0512-63120634  Mob:+8615968841153
Address: Dong gu Road No.28 The High Shear Zone Tongli Town,In Suzhou.

Prod Model: E485
Jiangsu MIMO is a leading high-tech enterprise that specialized in R&D, production and sales for Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology. Jiangsu MIMO is located in the central of Yangtze River Delta, a geographically strategic location to make it easy for us to access customers.

Our advanced test equipment and facilities combined strength of skilled engineers, scientists, technicians and manufacturing associates, providing solid technical support for our customers. MIMO are ISO9001/TS16949/ISO14000 certified.

With the advanced MIM technology and exceptional surface treatment capability, products are being processed through plating, heating and precise grounding, and CNC workshop, which covers the whole process from product design to finished-product manufacturing. We also provide all-around services, including injection molding, insert molding and product assembly etc. We produce three-dimensional shapes of complex structural parts in material of iron, copper, alloy, stainless steel etc. In eight years, MIMO has accumulated a large number of customers all over the world.

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