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Kbxj-II Diamond Wire Saw Analyzer

Kbxj-II Diamond Wire Saw Analyzer
Price: US $ 11200-11900/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: T/T
KBXJ-II Diamond Wire Saw Analyzer

1. Introduction 

Diamond wire saw analyzer is mainly used for quality analysis of diamond wire saw products. With high efficiency and high precision significant advantages, diamond wire saw is generally used for cutting solar silicon wafer, LED, semiconductor, gems, optical glass and other precious materials and precision components, widely applied in electronic information, aerospace, stone processing, new energy and other industries. Diamond wire saw is a new high-tech product which has been developed in recent years. Now its production technology is becoming more and more mature, but the analytical technique is relatively backward. At present, the quality analysis of diamond wire saw products can only rely on micrometer to analyze outside diameter, and stereomicroscope to visually observe the 
coating and the distribution of diamond abrasives. The quantitative inspection analysis is still not available.

In order to solve the problem of quality quantitative analysis of diamond wire saw products, a technical team was set up, including doctor, master and analysis technologistsin order to develop diamond wire saw analyzer. The analyzer consists of high resolution CCD camera, microscope, precise object stage, computer and other components. The analysis and processing system uses advanced image processing technology, and the computer can make automatic analysis on collected wire saw image information, with high efficiency, accurate and reliable.

KBXJ-II diamond wire saw analyzer has great improvement in the host structure on the basis of I type machine. The arc main frame design makes the overall structure more harmonious; The rotation function of carrier platform is added to make the inspection operation more convenient. The focus and lighting system is added with the calibration line, which is more conducive to the quantification of test conditions. The software function increases the diameter analysis of abrasive grain and the relative brightness difference of  wire saw (surface roughness), which is helpful to judge the dispersion of abrasive grains and the compactness of the coating.

2. Basic Function

The analyzer collects images of diamond wire saw and can automatically analyze the image information through the software.

Analyze ItemThe exposure rate and the exposure height, the height scattergram, the exposed abrasive grain area coverage ratio, coating thickness, wire saw wire diameter, outer diameter, the maximum height and other parameters; The analysis results are automatically prepared and analyzedAt the same time, it has lots of management functions including paper printing, file printing, database storage, report retrieval and so on.

3. Technical Index
KBXJ-II Diamond Wire Saw Analyzer Technical Index
Testing ProductsTesting ItemsAnalyzable RangeAnalytical Precision
wire sawwire diameter0.05-1.00mm1μm
diamond grit exposure height1-50μm1μm
diamond grit exposure rate1-50000 pcs/mm1 pcs/mm
diamond grit area coverage ratio1-80%0.1%

4. Term definition and physical meaning


5. Analysis report

Prod Model: KBXJ-II
Wire Diameter: 0.05-1.00mm
Diamond Grit Exposure Height: 1-50 Micrometre
Diamond Grit Exposure Rate: 1-50000PCS/mm
Diamond Grit Area Coverage Ratio: 1-80%
Power Source: AC220V
Type: Diamond Wire Saw Testing Machine
Accuracy Grade: 1 Micrometre
Display: Image
Weight: 10-20kg
Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd. Was established in Zhengzhou-a central city of China abrasives products and superhard material industry, which specializes in R&D, production and sales of micron, submicron and nanometer industrial synthetic diamonds and related diamond abrasives.

At present, the company has international advanced production equipment and testing equipment, including two synthetic diamond powder equipment and crushed synthetic diamond equipment, several full computer control automatic grading equipment, microwave drying equipment and professional large-scale screening equipment; At the same time, the company owns their ICP chemical analyzer, scanning electron microscope, morphology analyzer, imported laser particle size analyzer, etc. In addition, the company owns a series of process control equipment for cleaning and environmental products in answer to national environmental protection policy.

Kumthai Abrasives mainly focuses on the R&D, production and sales of superior quality crushed synthetic diamond grits and high strength, high purity synthetic diamond micron powders between 40 nm and 125 microns. The monthly output of synthetic diamond micron powders reached 25 million carats, and the monthly output of crushed synthetic diamond grits reached around 30 million carats.

Kumthai Abrasives, as a professional manufacturer of synthetic diamond abrasives in China, has professional technology R&D team and service team that are keen to provide customers with professional technical support and product services. At the same time, the company is always eager for the chance to cooperate with enterprises and customers from all over the world. Kumthai Abrasives is committed to be the world leading manufacturer of synthetic diamond powder and related diamond abrasives, to provide high quality synthetic diamonds, diamond abrasives and services to the world.

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