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Jbw-500b 250j 500j Impact Testing Instruments

Jbw-500b 250j 500j Impact Testing Instruments
Price: US $ 7200-8200/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P,Western Union,Paypal
Computer display impact test equipment price with software
1. Application
JBW-B  series  Computer  Display Semi Automatic Pendulum  Impact  Testing  Machine are mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of metal materials under dynamic load. 
2. Standards:
ASTM  E23, ISO148-2006 and GB/T3038-2002, GB/229-2007.
3. Features:
3.1 Can realize pendulum rising→impact→measurement→calculating→screen digital display→print
3.2 Safety pin guaranties the impact action, standard protection shell to avoid any accident.
3.3Pendulum will automatically rising and ready for next impact action after specimen breakout.
3.4With two pendulums (big and small), PC software to display the energy loss, impact tenacity, rising angle, test average value etc. test data and result, also the curve display available; .
3.5 Single supporting column structure, Cantilever hanging pendulum way, U-shaped pendulum hammer 
4.Main Technical Specifications:
Display          computer Display semi automatic
Min reading value         1 J         2J
Impact energy150/300J250/500J500/750J
The distance between the
pendulum shaft and impact point
Impact speed5.2m/s   5.4 m/s    5.9 m/s
Pre-rising angle of the pendulum                      150°
Specimen bearer span40+0.2mm
Round angle of bearing jawR1.0-1.5mm
Round angle of impact bladeR2.0-2.5mm,(R8mm)
Thickness of impact blade16mm
Angle accuracy0.1°
Standard specimen dimension10mm×10mm×55mm
Sample box capacity10 pcs
Power supply380V, 50Hz , 3 wire and 4phrases
Dimensions (mm)2124 x 600 x 13402200 ×650 ×19602450*1200* 2455
Net Weight (kg)4505801300
5. Standard Accessories
5.1 Automatic impact Main unit----1 set
5.1.1Pendulum --2pcs
5.1.2 S=12 Internal hexagonal wrench--1pc
5.1.3 Bearing adjustment-- 1pc;
5.1.4 Sample centering--1pc;   
5.1.5 Pendulum stripper-- 1pc
5.1.6Anchor bolts (M16x300mm)---4 pcs
5.1.7 Impact testing security guards----1 pc
5.2 Measuring and control system:
5.2.1 High precision optical encoder-- 1pc5.2. LENOVO computer--1 set;   
5.2.3 HPA4 Colorful ink jet printer--1pc   
5.2.4 Special measuring and control system--1SET   
5.2.5 Under Windows operating environment special control system--1set
Prod Model: JBW-500B
Type: Impact Testing Machine
Weight: 500-1000Kg
Power Source: AC380V
Maxcapacity: 250j/500j
Oil Cylinder Position: Without
Jinan Hensgrand Instrument Co., Ltd. Was established in 2001, is specialized in developing and manufacturing of testing equipment used for metal, non-metal and composite materials mechanic performance testing.

Our main products are Hydraulic Universal Test Machine, Electronic Universal Test Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Hardness Tester, Testing Machine Accessories. Most of them comes with CE and ISO certifications.

Products are widely used in steel metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, space flight and aviation, military, auto manufacturing, rubber industry, plastic industry, etc. UAS, UK, Germany, Italy, Canda, Singapore, Philippines etc. Are our main exporting countries.

"To make high quality products" is our manufacturing philosophy!

With scrupulous manufacturing process, large-scale production, strict quality management, normative user training and improved service system, our company is specialized in providing customers with humanized products which customers can rest assured to buy and use with ease.

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