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High Quality and Best-Selling Ammonia Pressure Gauge

High Quality and Best-Selling Ammonia Pressure Gauge
Price: US $ 6/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Money Gram

Accuracy grade:1.60%
Working pressure:Steady: 3/4 x full scale value
Fluctuating: 2 /3 x full scale value
Short time: Full scale value
Connection Thread:M14 X 1.5.M20 X 1.5
Bourdon tube:SUS304 or SUS316

copper alloy or copper alloy chromeplate
Movement:SUS304 or SUS316
 Casing:Steel 08 FSUS304
 Glass:common stalinite
ModelPressure Range(Mpa)
Accuracy Grade (%)Connection Thread
YA-100 YA-1500~(0.1/0.16/0.25/04/0.6/1/1.6/2.5/4/6/10/16/25/40/60)-0.1~(0/015/0.3/0.5/0.9/1.5/2.4)1.6M20×1.5

Ammonia pressure gauge special meter for ammonia, used to measure of ordinary carbon steel, alloy structural steel, Macao austenite stainless steel and tin lead alloy brazing solder non-corrosive effect, non-crystalline and solidification of liquid ammonia, ammonia medium pressure.It is mainly applied to the pressure of the equipment or other substances used in the process of chemical fertilizer production to measure ammonia liquid, gas or its mixture.

The ammonia pressure gauge is a special type instrument, and the contact with copper and copper alloy will produce an explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the yellow line mark under the product name on the product dial to serve as a warning.(from GB/ t9272-1999, section 7.1.2)



Ammonia pressure gauges are mainly used to measure the pressure of ammonia liquid, gas or mixture in the process of chemical fertilizer production or refrigeration equipment.It can also be used to measure the pressure of various media, such as ordinary carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel and other non-corrosive, non-crystallizing and non-solidifying media.

Main technical parameters


External diameter: 60, 100, 150.

Accuracy grade: 2.5, 1.6.

Environmental conditions of use: - 40 ~ 70 ºC, relative humidity is not greater than 85%

Main technical parameters

Nominal diameter

60mm, 100mm, 150mnm.

Work pressure:

Static load with the upper limit of 3/4, alternating load.

Up to 2/3 of the upper limit, short term pressure is used to measure the upper limit.

Connection thread

M14 x 1.5, M20 x 1.5

Spring tube :SUS304sUS316L is optional.

Connector material: carbon steel chrome, SUS304, SUS316 optional.

Welding method: argon arc welding.


Ss201 or SUs304

The trim

Iron clad spray (steel plate 08F) or SUS304 optional.

Instrument glass: ordinary glass, tempered glass

We are the specialized manufacturer and supplier of pressure gauges,regulators.
 During our 25 years in the industry,we have managed to earn over 100 patents in 
mainland China, setting our products apart from those of the competition.
 Top oc equipment from South Korea and innovative designs help us create more durableand reliable products. 
 The JK quality assurance management system has been certified in accordance with ISO9001 since1998.The quality and safety standardsof our company meet the standard systems of several countries. 
 Based on our accumulated and advanced technology in this feild, we have been actively exporting our quality products to 10 or more countries such as Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Canada and we have obtained very good reputation from them who are satisfied with our high quality,competitive price,shortest dilivery,etc. 

 Use and maintenance
 Please read the following notes carefully before using this product:
 The instrument center should be installed vertically. The wrench should be used when mounting. No.
 The case should be strongly twisted to avoid collision when transporting.
 2. The ambient temperature of the instrument should be filled according to the inside of the instrument.
 The working fluid is treated differently.
A. internal instrument is suitable for oil temperature environment - 25 ~ + 55 ºC C
B. internal glycerin instrument suitable for environment temperature - 8 ~ + 40 ºC.
3. The vibration frequency of working environment is <25} billion Z, and the amplitude is not greater than.
1 mm.
4. Due to high ambient temperature, the meter indicates that the value is not zero or out.
The display value is extremely poor, and it is recommended to seal the upper part of the case before using the instrument.
The glue plug is cut open, if with the switch plug should be placed on the opening.
State, so that the internal cavity of the instrument can be connected with the atmosphere.
5. The scope of instrument use should be between 13 and 23 of the upper limit.
6. In the measurement of corrosive medium, possible crystallization of the medium, the viscosity is large.
The media should be isolated.


Prod Model: 60, 100, 150mm
A National Geographic Number: Available and Accessible
Measuring Range: Low-pressure Gauge
Accuracy: 1.6
Display: Pointer
Application: Civil
Structure: Spring Pressure Gauge
Connection Type: Radial Direction
Function: Electric Signal-controlled
Features Of Measurement Medium: Ammonia Liquid, Gas
Indicating Pressure Reference: Ammonia Liquid, Gas
Qingdao Hakin Auto-Meters Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized for devising varies of pressure gauges, thermometers and other hardware appliances. It is one of China's main bases of operations for exporting pressure gauges and thermometers. At the beginning of our establishment, we brought in advanced equipment, now we have developed all stainless steel pressure gauges, Uibration-Resistant pressure gauges, Series Pressure gauge, Precision pressure gauges, Differential pressure gauges, Capsule pressure gauges, Different pressure gauges, Heat-Resistant Pressure Gauge, Regulators and various normal pressure gauges. Nowadays, the products are exporting to all over the world successfully.

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Hakin enjoy a high reputation as regular supplier to European, Middle East, South America, Africa and Southest of Asia. We have gotten the certificate of EN3, EN671, EN1869 and CE approval so our product quality is outstanding. We are sincere in looking for partners to develop and cooperate together in new business opportunities.

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We are pleased to cooperate with you to develop our common enterprise.

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