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High Chromium Cast Iron Alloy Steel Composite Hammer Head

High Chromium Cast Iron Alloy Steel Composite Hammer Head
Price: US $ 20000/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T
Product Description

Crusher hammer such as clinker crusher hammer and raw material hammer is one of the core parts of hammer crusher.Our hammer crusher parts:crusher hammer use refining, vacuum casting,directional solid and etc technicals to increase the grain refinement and make the hammers performance achieve the best performance. Hammer hasrdness is the most essential factor in determining hammer life so the hammer head must be extremely hard and resistant to wear. Our company uses a specical method of heat treating that make the hammer hardness and wear resistance reach the best state of cooperation, thus greatly improve hammer's service life time. According to the material, our crusher hammer can be dividede into: high manganese hammer, high chrome hammer, bimetal composited hammer. The bimetal composite hammer, our national patent product, is called "Hard Stone Killer" by many clients. Our crusher hammer generally can save users 1/3 equipment investment, saving 1/2 the power consumption, save a lot of maintenance costs.
ZTIC is the leader in offering wear solutions to crusher operators in China. We provide wear parts with designs and alloys specifically developed for each application and specific location within each crusher.Our crusher parts are made of manganese steel - the toughest and most wear-resistant steel available.  In addition to the crusher components listed above, we also make cast components for the crusher itself such as the pitman arm, side plates, cheek plates, etc.

1.High Chrome Crusher Hammer
For our high chrome hammer or hammer block,while producing:
Adopt progressive solidification process, makes Cr7C3 type carbide vertical growth against the working face. In the case of not lower the toughness of the parts, at the same time the macro-hardness of the working face and micro hardness of Cr7C3 type also improved. 
Use multiple micro-alloyed methods to receive dispersion strengthened and progressive hardening. 
Use annealing, quenching, tempering heat treatment process to make the blow bars'surface hardness reaches 58-65HRC. 

Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing brittle, resistant plate, water content not high materials. In construction industry,chemical industry, electric power,mining,metallurgy and other industries, small rock crusher (or hammer block) are used to crush limestone, shale,coal,gypsum,chalk,asbestos ore,coke etc.Usually in the ore it contains SiO2,Ai2O3 etc high hardness stone which hardness up to 1100~1800HV,viewing from theoretical point,the hardness ratio requirment between hammer (or hammer block) (HM) and crushed material should be no less than 0.8,that means the hardness of the hammer (block) working parts should be above 1375-2250HV,so that the hammer can withstand the wearing and cuting from the crushed material and receive good wear-resisting performance. Nowadays, single material can't have the conbination of high hardenss and toughness, we specially design thesmall rock crusher (or hammer block) which working parts using high chromium cast iron and assembly parts using alloy steel to receive good performance servce.Working in with our resistant plate will get the best performance.
Our high chromium cast iron hammer (or hammer block) adopt the lost foam mold vibration casting. Under vacuum negative pressure vibration casting, we not only can refine grain, improve the density of the casting parts, but also make the gas and inclusion up floating, and purify the chromium iron water, so as to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the parts, greatly improve the service life and fully satisfy the users.
Double metal  hot composite materials - sand making machine hammer head
Sand making machine hammer head, as the name implies, is that makes the material after the broken be similar to the size of the grains of sand. Sand making machine is a kind of equipment to finely crush the material to -5mm grain size . Structurally classified, the equipment basically can be divided into: Horizontal hammer sand making machine, vertical shaft impact sand making machine, roller sand making machine, vertical shaft hammer sand making machine.
In practical applications, horizontal hammer  sand making machine and vertical impact sand making machine is the most widely
In the field of mining, sand making machines are widely used in grinding front process. It can produce a lot of powder ore and reduce the high cost of grinding load.  At the same time, they are also widely used in the area of crushing and fine crushing of a variety of High hard and extra hard material such as ore, cement, refractory materials, bauxite clinker, emery and glass raw materials. Especially, they are used widely in the mechanism of building sand, stone crushing and a variety of metallurgical slag crushing. Compared with other type of crusher ,their production efficiency are higher.
This kind of sand making machine hammer head can be customized according to drawings
If there is no drawing, our company has a professional surveying and mapping personnel to help you draw and then customize. We offer very personalized service. The sand making hammer head with a special means of technology can make two different properties and functions of the materials melt into one in the liquid state , and the composite area up to 100%. The work sites use high-chromium cast iron (high-chrome hammer) material, in order to effectively ensure its sufficient anti-wear properties. The assembling parts adopt good toughness of alloy steel (high manganese hammer head), in order to ensure safe operation. They are the ideal production equipment for cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate.
   Product Details    
Model Working end materialQuality
Working end hardness
 Assembling end toughness
Compared with high manganese hammer head in service life

2.High Manganese Hammer
The high Mn hammer head serious product make by our company ,while producing:
use the molding cold iron in the working part in order to increase the compactness of working part.
Use the refining techniques of furnace bottom blowing argon to quick-wear part. We use diversified qualitative change to increase grain boundary strength.
Use diversified inoculation to refined grain.
These High manganese little hammer for clinker crusheringinduce the hammer made by our company with higher wear resistant safety and reliability nature. Our customers are satisfied with our hammer, and our goods are exported to serious countries.

Wear components for crushing processes are subjected to severe impact and high abrasion, requiring components made from impact resistant and abrasion resistant alloys.
We increase crusher availability through:
Increased wear life
Less on-going wear part maintenance
Designs and tools for quicker change out
 Hammer crusher wearparts:

Hammer crusher wearparts.
We produce Hammers in One and Two-Piece styles, Grates, Breaker Blocks, Side Liners, Breaker Bar Sleeves, Rotor Hubs, Complete Rotor Assemblies, Top Cover Liners and Throat Collars.
Breaker Blocks
Side Liners
Breaker Bar Sleeves
Rotor Hubs
Complete Rotor Assemblies
Top Cover Liners
Throat Collars  
Material: High Chrome Crusher Hammer
Control: Spectrometer Chemical Analysis and Control While P
Molding Process: Water-Glass Sand Casting or Lost Form Casting
Melting Facility: Medium Frequency Electric Furnace
Heat Treatment: Anneal, Quenching, Tempering
Testing: Hardness, Flaw Detector Test
Certificate: ISO9001~2008 Passed; Bureau Veritas
Quality Guarantee: One Year Against Manufacturing Defeat
Luoyang Zhongtai Industries Co., Ltd. (LYHMC) is a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries, including Mining, Construction, Metallurgical, Environmental, Power, Chemical, Marine, Casting&Forgings.

LYHMC has been specialized to focus on for the mining of coal, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metallurgical and mining industry, mining, nonmetal mines, cement, building materials, ceramic proppant industry, power industry, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, the tourism industry and other customers to provide complete sets of major technical equipment, high-tech products and technology services, in particular ----

• Roasting kiln (oven), pelletizing kiln, cooler, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, sintering machine, tunnel kiln, shredders, cooling tower, as the representative of the metallurgical and mining machinery and equipment and petroleum coke processing equipment

• Mainly to the ore mill, crusher, set spiral classifier, cyclone separator, flotation machine, transportation is one filter dewatering machine and screening sets of mineral processing equipment

• Preheater, dryer, made of powder machine decomposition furnace, roller press, vertical mill, crusher, rotary kiln, ball mill, preheater, making powder machine, cooling machine, dryer, cooling towers and other host devices as well as belt conveyors, feeders, bucket elevators, chain plate conveyor and other auxiliary equipment on behalf of the 5000t / d new dry process cement clinker production line as the representative of the equipment of the cement and building materials

• Single rope winding and multi-rope friction mine hoist, mine conveyor equipment

• A series of jaw crusher series impact crusher series cone crusher, roller press, ball mill, vertical mill, high pressure roller mill, spring cone crusher, circular vibrating screens and other equipment as the representative of broken screening plants

• A single wire loop fixed grips gondolas passenger ropeway, single track circulation off hanging passenger ropeway, pulsating cyclic group car passenger ropeway, two-the reciprocating passenger aerial tramway, towing passenger ropeways as well as single-wire loop aerial two-cycle tramway as the representative of the air passenger, cargo ropeway

• Itself back basic steam calcination furnace, the outer back the basic steam calcination furnace as the representative of sodium bicarbonate production line equipment, and the synthesis column, distillation column, a cooling tower, tank, heat exchanger, reactor, dryer, condensation, reactor, feeding machines and other equipment for the petrochemical equipment, as well as the heart of the oil rig equipment --- oil mud pump and other petrochemical equipment

• Casting&Forgings: Castings by the company such as--Racks, Gears, Tyres, Supporting Rollers, End Cover, Propeller Brackets for ships Horns etc., Large Bearing Rings; Large Forgings--High-Power Turbine Generator Rotor, Large Hoist Shaft Rollers, Forgings for ships, Pressure Container etc.

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