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Graphite Mould for Wire Saws

Graphite Mould for Wire Saws
Price: US $ 0.31-0.85/Piece
Min Order: 200/Piece
Pay Type: T/T,Western Union
Graphite mould for wire saws

A: company profile
Our cooperator Huanyu mould is the biggest producer of graphite molds in North of China, which has over 15 years of experiences on graphite mold design and producing. With the reliable factory technical support and good after-sales service, our graphite molds have covered all china market. Now, combined with export experiences of L.T TRADE, Our products will be more complete and go further. Our major products now are: graphite plate, graphite crucible, graphite ring, graphite wire saw, graphite hot cutting pieces, graphite sintering diamond segment etc. And very welcome you provide drawings and designs, we can provide OEM and ODM.

B: Why choose us
Graphite mould plays a dual role in the process of manufacture: Heating element and Supporting mold. The quality of graphite mold is very important, will directly affect the next diamond tools' accuracy and appearance. So, which kind of graphite mold is suitable for sintering diamond tools:
  1. Good performance on conductivity and high rate resistivity
  2. Enough Mechanical Strength
  3. Good performance on Oxidation resistance
  4. Durable
Why choose us:
Raw materials is very important, We only use Ultrafine particle structure, High purity and High graphitization raw graphite materials.
Our finished graphite mold is:
  1. dense structure and low porosity
  2. Fined surface and low rate heat-deformation
  3. High mechanical strength and machining accuracy
  4. Oxidation resistance and durable

C: Product features
1. The processing materials are ultrafine granule structure, high purity and graphite with high graphitization degree.
2. High hardness, good anti-oxidation performance and high machining accuracy
3. Good conductivity, high resistivity, sufficient mechanical strength
4. Small porosity and dense structure.
5. Excellent thermal shock resistance, conductive and thermal conductivity.
6. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good wear resistance.
7. Surface can be treated with anti-oxidation.
D: Processing method

The produce process for pressing head as following:
1. Dividing machine will separate big graphite blocks to raw cylindrical materials, the raw materials then will process two time coarse grinding, one time fine grinding and one time polishing to be demanded length first-step products. We will check diameter every 20 pieces, keep diameter-deviation within ±0.01-±0.04mm
2. First-step qualified products will then been smoothed on both ends, to be demanded length second-step products. We will check every 50 pieces, keep length deviation within ±0.01-0.04mm.
3. Second-step products will go through Automatic punching machine, to be finished qualified products. We will check every 10 pieces, keep length-deviation of punching hole within ±0.01-0.03mm, diameter-deviation of punching hole within ±0.02-0.04mm.
The produce process for Wire saw pressing block:
1. Dividing machine will separate big graphite blocks to raw rectangular raw materials, grinding six faces, checking flatness.
2. Our technical team will analyze the drawings and make accurate customized grinding wheel. After grinding to final products, we will check continued 10 pieces as a set to sure quality. If qualified, then will put to produce process.
3. 50 pieces finished products as a testing set, we will sure the deviation within ±0.02-±0.06mm.

E: Attribute table
Density  g/cm³1.75-1.9
Resistivity  μΩ·m≤18
Compressive strength  Mpa40-80
Porosity  %≤26
Elasticity Modulus  Gpa6-18
Thermal expansion coefficient  10-6/ºC1.47-4.25
Ash content  %≤0.5
Temperature resistance  ºC1000-1800
Prod Model: WS-2
Density: 1.72-1.92 G/Cm³
Resistivity: Less Than 18
Compressive Strength: 40-80 MPa
Porosity: Less Than 26 %
Elasticity Modulus: 6-18 Gpa
Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 1.47-4.25
Ash Content: Less Than 0.5 %
Temperature Resistance: 1000-1800 Degree
Application: Die-Casting Mould
Material: Graphite
Henan L. T Trade Co., Ltd is formally authorized by Industrial and Commercial Bureau of China on May 9th, 2017. We once been a oversea market department of Huixian S. H. Y Terrazzo Co., Ltd, which is a leading supplier of terrazzo tile in China, now we combined our local powerful graphite manufacturer to become a new independent trading company, hoping can open more markets in the world. Meanwhile, can help oversea clients find suitable products in China. Our new company will be a good integration between manufacturers and trade.

Our one factory S. H. Y Terrazzo engaged in terrazzo tiles, also called cement agglomerated stone tiles since 1998. Which is the first and biggest producer of terrazzo tiles in China. The factory is an integrate enterprise with technology research, production and trade service. We have advanced producing lines, more important we have a professional R&D team which can give clients technology support and solve problems timely. Our products have exported to many places in the world.

Our another factory Huanyu graphite started since 2003. Producing all kinds of graphite molds. Depends on excellent quality, technology support, and good after-sell service, now our products have covered almost all places of China. We are ready to face foreign market.

L. T trade is new as a trading company, but we already has many years of experiences as factories, we have reliable factories technical support and after-sell service. We can do good job once we have a chance. Your satisfactory and praise will be biggest forward power.

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