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Electric Relative Density Meter

Electric Relative Density Meter
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JDM-1 electric relative density meter

electroinc relative density testing appratusJDM-1
metal container250ml
inner dimension50mm
compraction rammer1.25kg
net weight40kg

JDM-1 electric relative density meter

The utility model is suitable for the non condensed soil particle diameter less than 5mm, and the particle size of sample mass of 2-5mm is less than 15% of the total mass of sample, with the maximum density determination of soil and the minimum void ratio, is used to calculate the relative density.
The instrument is mainly composed of a machine body, a control panel, a transmission mechanism, a vibration hammer, etc..
The metal container 250ml, diameter 5cm, high 12.7cm, protective tube;
Hammer hammer drop high quality 1.25Kg, 15cm, 5cm, /min 32 times the diameter of the hammer;
The vibration hammer 155 times /min;
The timing range is 0-15min;
Packing size;
Voltage power 220V 120W, 50Hz
Three, installation and debugging method
1, after the opening, according to the packing list check list.
2, the instrument is placed on the level of cement on the ground, check whether the loosening of the positioning board, such as loose, with a wrench to tighten. Filed Chung lever into the wood pad in the sample tube, put down the bell rod.
3, plug in the power, press the right side of the instrument power switch, the timer timer in 1--2 minutes, press the start switch, the instrument began to run.
Prod Model: JDM-1
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