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Electric Pneumatic Valve Water Treatment Quick Connector Fitting

Electric Pneumatic Valve Water Treatment Quick Connector Fitting
Price: US $ 0.1-0.6/Piece
Min Order: 500/Piece
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Boer Electrical supplies pneumatic elements for more than 10 years in China. By produced under the advanced production line and testing equipment, powerful technical strength, and scientific and strict quality control under certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System,pneumatic components, Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association from Boer electrical are very popular among customers from home and abroad, which are widely applied to machinery, metallurgy, food packing, medicine, electronic, etc.
Why quick connectors?
1, time-saving: through the quick connector to split off and connecting passage, simple operation, saving time and manpower.
2, fuel-efficient: break the oil, the quick connector on the single valve can be closed oil, oil will not flow out to avoid oil pressure loss
3, environmental protection: quick connector break and connection, the oil will not spill, protect the environment.
4, the equipment into a zero, easy to transport: large equipment or need to carry the hydraulic tools, the use of quick connector after the separation of transport, to reach the destination and then assembled.
5, the economy: the above advantages for customers to create the economic value.
Quick Coupler Features:
• Quick installation, simple and smart, space saving;
• Variety of styles to meet the needs of any pneumatic pipe;
• Even after installation, the plastic body can be turned freely;
• Release ring with elliptical design, easy to remove more convenient;
• All taper pipe thread pre-coated PTFE leakproof adhesive, good sealing performance.
Take over the note:
(1) to confirm the pipe cut surface perpendicular to the tube outside the scars and the tube is not oval.
(2) plug the tube must be inserted into the bottom of the joint, the tube is not inserted in the end may lead to leakage.
(3) after the tube is installed, to pull the tube to confirm the tube pulled out
When the wood unloading Note:
(4) Use the appropriate tool to remove the pipe fitting using the hexagonal part of the pipe fitting
(5) to remove the sealing material with the pipe joints with the opposite side of the sealing material. Otherwise the adhesive material may adhere to the surrounding components, resulting in failure
What is the function of pneumatic?
The purpose of the compressed air is extremely broad, from the measurement of human eye with low pressure air inside the liquid pressure, mechanical hand a variety of linear and rotary motion through special processing machines, pneumatic press and the application of pneumatic drill, Pneumatic air cylinder quick connect wire connectors,etc.
Below with a brief list and a list of instructions, the control of pneumatic widely adaptability and diversity, continuous popularization and application in industry production.
For air, water and chemical control of the valve in the system
Heavy doors or hot door opened and closed
In the construction, steel, mining and chemical industry factory material discharging door
Manipulation of the shearing machine
In the flat steel ingot mold machine and mobile
The filling machine
Pneumatic cylinder applications connectors fittings
Pneumatic control system components quick connectors
Pneumatic compression air compressor couplers and fittings
Crop planting from manipulation of the tractor and other agencies
Drive and feed cutting machine
Pneumatic pressure connectors for industrial application
Hydraulic and pneumatic Fittings for power systems
Automatic smc pneumatic cylinder system smc connector    
Fixed and movement in logging and furniture manufacturing
Test equipment of machine tool, workpiece and tool feed
In the assembly machinery and machine tool clamping device and fixed clamp
Delivery of parts and materials
For plastic bonding, sealing and welding fixed
Brazing of fixed
Pneumatic hydraulic pump high pressure fitting
Pneumatics tools suppliers pneumatic hose connectors
Pneumatic and hydraulic quick connector hose fittings
Pneumatic tube connectors Straight type Made in China
High temperature pneumatic tubing Connect Fittings
Spot welding machine
Compressor air hose fittings parts pneumatic connector
Spray paint
Male Y Type fitting Pneumatic Quick Connectors
High Performance air hose adapter fittings
High Performance air compressor fittings quick connector
Pneumatic robot
Pneumatic Air Water Connector Quick Threaded Plastic Pipe Fitting
Automatic measurement
Bending tensile peace manipulation of the machine
The characteristics of compressed air
ModelAC 2010-01AC 2010-02AC 3010-02AC 3010-03AC 4010-03AC 4010-04AC 4010-06AC 5010-06AC 5010-10
Rated Flow5005001700170030003000300040004500
Joint Pipe BoreG1/8G1/4G1/4G3/8G3/8G1/2G3/4G3/4G1
Filtering Eleiment Roughness25
Highest Working Pressure1.0MPa
Ensured Pressure Resistance1.5MPa
Range of Adjustable Pressure0.05-0.85MPa
Recommended Oil UseISO VG 32
Container MaterialPolycarbonate
Protective CoverNot AvailableAvailable
Drain FunctionDifferential DrainDifferential Drain, Automatic Drain
Valve TypeWith Overflow
AssemblyFilterAW 2000-01AW 2000-02AW 3000-02AW3000-03AW 4000-03AW 4000-04AW4000-06AW 5000-06AW 5000-10
AL 2000-02AL 3000-02AL 3000-03AL 4000-03AL 4000-04AL 4000-06AL 5000-06 
Prod Model: PK-6
Max. Working Pressure: 1.0MPa
Head Code: Round
Colour: Black
Process: Forged
Yueqing Boer Electrical Co., Ltd is the a proud leader in the automotive industry in China. With over 10 years of experience and an extraordinary auto wire harness components, we continuously improve and develop our products and services. By using the innovative technology for the production process and quality inspection, we ensure each product is made of high-quality and meets customers' needs and expectations.

Our wide range of products includes: Automotive Terminal End, Wire Splice, Crimp Terminal, Auto Waterproof Connector, Common Connector, ECU Alu Connector Holder, Fuse Box, Silicon Wire Seal, Shrink Wrap, Toggle Switch, Master Disconnect Switch, Battery Terminal, Tube Terminal, Ring Terminal, Battery Terminal Rubber Cover for Wiring Harness Assembly, press parts, assembly parts, Plastic injection and molding parts, Aluminum die-casting, Chassis, Stamping dies, Plastic and steel parts.

Our professional services and branded products with hundreds of optional ranges ensure to satisfy the needs of every client.

Our customer service is always available to resolve any potential issue, concern and respond to any questions from our clients. Fast and safe delivery is guaranteed.

Production Capacity

Continuous development, innovations, and improvement in terms of research and technology are the aspects that Yueqing Boer Electrical Company never neglects. Our ability and potential ensure the best results and position on the market. We are highly dedicated to our customers, their needs and expectations at every stage, including the concept design, tooling design and the final - join part designing capabilities, which allows us to provide the services to our customers all the time, whether or not they have the CAD design.

With FEA Testing, we are successfully providing the following procedures:

- Analyzing the part structure

- Forming process of metal parts

- Forming process of plastic injection parts

- CAD and analyze the process in order to produce the highest quality products with consistency

With the most professional and innovative tools, machines, equipment for in-house and outsourced processes, we are proud owners of some of the most appreciated tooling in the world, meant for different occasions.

· Capacity of molding

Electric spark machine made in Taiwan, low speed EDM wire cut machines, precise grinding machine, milling machine, mating mold inspection equipment.

· Capacity of producing

Forging line for battery terminal, punching line for terminals, injection line for connector and fuse box.

· Capacity of testing

High-low temperature and moist heat cycles test, voltage drop, 3D imaging device, thermal shock test, surface plating test, cross section analyzer, among others.

All the products and processes are monitored by our highly experienced staff with an expertise and specialization in the product research and development in the group. New inventions, discoveries, research and developments are our motivation and they help us run the operations easily, without any occasional failure. We are loyal to our customers and grateful for their confidence that we gained by constantly providing the best products of highest quality.

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