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China Factory Price Transformer Oil Gas Chromatograph

China Factory Price Transformer Oil Gas Chromatograph
Price: US $ 10000-20000/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union


1. 5.7 inch color LCD screen, intuitive display, easy operation

2. 10/100M adaptive Ethernet communication interface, built-in IP protocol stack, long-distance data transmission through LAN or Internet

3. Microcomputer temperature control system, high precision, high reliability and anti-jamming performance; eight independent temperature control systems, sixteen step temperature programming, wide range of measuring samples, oven back door auto opening system which enables fast heating and cooling and ensures accuracy of low temperature control

4. Three independent connection threads

5. The attached web work station supports multiple instrument (253 sets) working simultaneously, data processing and management.

6. Modularized structure, easy upgrading, several configurations, FID,TCD.ECD.FPD, NPD for options

7. EPC, EFC for options for digital control and higher automation

8. Gas path self protection, auto ignition and re-ignition, self-starting function

9. Auto-sampler interface with multiple drivers built in, which enable additional auto-samplers at any time

10. Auto identifying detectors, self fault-diagnosis, auto save function

11. Injector port seals, liner, emitter, collector, nozzle, all can be easily replaced by sing hand

12. Packed column, capillary injector, TCD, FID can be easy removed just by a wrench, convenient maintenance

13. Unique high temperature resistant quartz design Nozzle, good inertia, proper rotary seal

14. Unique capillary positioning system, to keep stability of the column installation and constant burning rate

15. Plug type circuit board, easy replacement by removing four screws


Temperature rangeAbove Room temperature: 4-450ºC
Column oven temperature control accuracy±0.01ºC
Display resolution0.1ºC
Temperature programming speedSixteen step temperature programming,
0-40ºC/min(regulation step 0.1ºC/min) max 80ºC/min
Temperature programming repeatability≤1%
TCD sensitivityS≥3500mV•ml/mg(benzene)
Baseline drift≤25uv/30min
Baseline noise≤5uv
Linear range≥104
FID measuring range≤3×10-12g/s((n-Tetradecane)
Baseline drift≤1×10-13 A/30min
Baseline noise≤5×10-14A
Linear range≥104
ECD measuring range≤1×10-14g/s
Baseline drift≤0.2mV/30min
Baseline noise≤0.03mV
Linear range≥103
FPD measuring range(S)≤5×10-11g/s ,(P)≤1×10-12g/s
Baseline drift≤0.2mV/30min
Baseline noise≤0.03mV
Linear range≥103(S),102(P)
ExtensionSix external events can be added
Automation EngineeringAuto ignition, auto injector connection, counter control work station for options
Operating environment5-35ºC,≤85%RH
Power supply220V±10%,50Hz±0.5Hz
Power dissipation≤2500W
Operation surroundingsNo indoor corrosive gases, no shaking of work tables, no strong magnetic field around
The minimum detecting concentration of the dissolved gas in the oil is as follows (unit: ul / L)
Temp accuracy±0.1ºCAmbient temp0ºC-35ºC
Power supplyAC220±10%Size570*510*470mm
7 kinds≤0.06≤0.06≤0.06≤0.06≤2≤1≤5//
9 kinds≤0.06≤0.06≤0.06≤0.06≤2≤1≤5≤10≤20
Prod Model: SP-9890
Warranty: 1 Year
Chromatography Type: Gas Chromatography
Appliance: Electric Power Industry
Detector: Tcd, Fid ...
Wuhan GuoDian ZhongXing Electrical Power Equipment Co., Ltd ( GDZX ) is located in DongHu High Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City, People's Republic of China. The company established in 2012 and the factory area 6000 square meters. Good quality and customer satisfaction are always the goal here.

Our main products are Hipot Test sets, Standard Power Source, Circuit breaker analyzer, Protection relay tester, Resistance Tester, voltage generator, Transformer testing series, Oil tester, Cable and Ground fault testing series, Power quality analyzer, Storage battery tester, Lightning arrester tester and other instruments. Most of the products are featured with Intelligent design, compact structure, simple operation, which make the on site work very convenient.

Not only we are the supplier of China Power Grid System but also we are extending our business to all over the world. In the last two years we made business relationship with customers from Indonesia, Kenya, Ecuador, Japan, Korea, and we are keeping growing. It is exciting to work with your partners from every different countries.

Your any requirement is our pursuit. Welcome to Visit Us

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