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Building Ribbed Bar Welded Steel Reinforcing Wire Mesh

Building Ribbed Bar Welded Steel Reinforcing Wire Mesh
Price: US $ 12-15/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P,Western Union,Paypal

SL-62 welded reinforcing mesh in sheet form-RIBBED AND UNCOATED welded wire mesh  

Product Description of welded wire mesh

 4.00MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 12.6KG
SL524.75MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 16.7KG
 5.00MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 19.2KG
SL626.00MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 26.9KG
SL726.75MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 34.2KG
 7.50MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 43.1KG
SL827.60MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 43.5KG
 7.00MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 35.8KG
 6.30MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 29.5KG
 7.10MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 38.0KG
 8.00MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 48.5KG
F928.55MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 54.9KG
F1029.50MM200X200MM 2.2MX5.8M 69.5KG

Prod Model: SL62
Weave Style: Plain Weave
Wire Diameter: 8.55mm
Material: 304L
Hole Shape: Square
Application: Cages
Material Type: Stainless Steel Wire
Certification: ISO9001
Dalian HARVEST Metal Fibres Co., Ltd., Jointly invested by HARVEST Trading Co., Ltd. Dalian, China and Dramicom, France, produces various types of low carbon steel and stainless steel fibres for refractory and concrete, satisfying applications either from civil construction or refractory industry. Applying specially designed facilities, and its own laboratory of update equipments, HARVEST Metal Fibres Co., Ltd is capable not only at producing steel fibres precisely to the standard of AISI, JIS, the National relevant standards, but also can carry out strict quality control through out the process.

Dalian HARVEST Metal Fibres Co., Ltd., is gratified in the steel fibres quality satisfaction to the clients in Japan, Europe, North America, Australia, and in the domestic market as well.

Steel fibers currently produced cover the following type:

1. Melt extracted fibers (ML-)

Regular applied desihnation: AISI 430, 446, 304, 310 etc

Nominal diameter * length: 0.5*12/20/25/30/35mm

2. Slit sheet fibers(S-)

Regular applied desihnation: JIS SUS430, low carbon steel sheet

Nominal diameter * length: 0.5*6/10/20/25/30/35/50mm

Different forms selectable: Straight, waved, straight pressed, etc

3. Cold drawn wire fibers(W-)

Regular applied desihnation: AISI 304, 310, or low carbon steel wires cold drawn

Nominal diameter * length: 0.4*6/10/15/20/25/30/35/50mm



Different forms selectable: End hooked, waved, s raight, etc

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  • Dalian HARVEST Metal Fibres Co., Ltd.

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