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Best Quality SUS321 Convoluted Metal Hose

Best Quality SUS321 Convoluted Metal Hose
Price: US $ 2/Meter
Min Order: 100/Meter
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P
Best quality sus321 convoluted metal hose

Flexible metal hose can be used widely in systems like water, steam, hot oil and gas with their resistance to pressure and flexible structure.

They are utilized for conducting liquids, compensating the problems originated from installation,absorbing vibrations and expansions.

Flexible metal hoses may be strengthened by double braiding in order to increase their resistance to pressure and environmental conditions. It is also possible to reinforce them by springs with different wire thicknesses or by strip wounds to lengthen their service life for more severe environmental conditions.

Material specifications:
Hose: SS304, SS316, SS321
Braid: SS304
Connection: Galvanized steel


Standard Flexility hoses 
DNCorrugated hosesBraidSingle BraidDouble Braid 
IDODPitch DistanceThicknessNo. of
No. of wires
in carrier
Dia of Hose with
Single Layer of
Working Press.Test Press.Working Press.Test Press. 
I. D.
O. D.
88± 0.1012...3± 0.102.9± 0.2± 0.020.23640.314.580120140210 
1010± 0.1014.6± 0.102.8± 0.010.23650.315.890135140200 
1212± 0.1018± 0.102.8± 0.020.23660.319.280125120180 
1514.4± 0.1021.5± 0.103.5± 10.33660.322.180125120180 
2020± 0.1027± 0.104.5± 10.283690.329.2609080100 
2525± 0.1032.5± 0.105± 10.2836100.333.7609080100 
3232± 0.1040± 0.105± 10.2836110.341.250807090 
4040± 0.1050± 0.106± 10.2836110.351.250807090 
5050± 0.1063± 0.106± 10.348120.464.640706080 
6565± 0.1081± 0.107± 10.46410.482.640706080 
8080± 0.1098± 0.1010± 10.464150.499.630605070 
100100± 0.10120± 0.1011.5± 10.496120.4121.616303050 
125125± 0.10150± 0.1013± 10.596120.5151.616303050 
150150± 0.10180± 0.1014± 10.596140.5181.616303050 
200200± 0.10230± 0.1017± 10.6120160.523216303050 
250250± 0.10280± 0.1027± 10.8140180.528210202040 
300300± 0.10340± 0.1028± 10.8144180.53428161630 

Product Show for Flexible metal hose

Company Information

We are professional manufacturer of all types of metal flexible metal hose and machinert,such as corrugated metal hose, square lock and interlock hose/conduit with more than 25 years of experience. The hoses are widely used in many industries: gas hose, water hose, and wire&cable protection circuit, etc..
The sizes are as follows:
Square lock hose and machinery:ID6-ID103
Interlock hose and machinery:ID3-ID350mm on different machine
Annular and corrugated metal hose: ID8 till ID600 on different machine

F&Q for Certificated Stainless Steel High Flexible Metallic Hose

Q: What material hose do you have?
A: stainless less steel (304, 316L, 321).

Q: What size hose and what type do you have?
A:We have both spiral/helical hose and annular hose
B:Spiral/helical hose: ID 8mm-100mm
C:Annular hose: ID 8mm-400mm

Q: Can you customize for us?
A: yes we accept customize, including hose size, diameter, and braiding, material & thickness.

Q: why should I chose you?
A: we produce both hose and hose making machine with many years' experience and professional technology.

Q: what is your hose features?
A: performance of waterproof, powerful tensile resistance, high flexibility.

We need to know the following information before we send quotation for the hoses/conduit you need:
1.Hose material
2.Hose type, for instance, spiral hose or annular hose
4.Quantity, for big quantity order, the prices will be much lower

Prod Model: stainless steel hose
Used For: Flexible Metal Hose
No. Of Braids: Single or Double
Rated Voltage: 300V/500V
Rated Temperature: - 60 ° C~ +180° C
Standard: JIS
Morphology: Gas
Cross-Section Shape: Round
Connection Type: Welding
Diameter: 8mm~400mm
We are most professional metal hose, metal bellow and related machineries manufacturer and exporter with more than 30 years of history. Our products exported and are exporting to many countries, such as Denmark, UK, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Australia, Zambuwae etc...Bellow and Hose machineries are exported to world wide, such as Turkey, India, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, etc...We make all kinds of flex-related products, such as flexible metal hoses, expansion joints, braidings, hose fittings, and related machines, such as elastomer hose forming machine, hydraulic forming machine, wire braiding machine, rewinding machine, bellow forming machine, etc...We are lead manufacturer of flex-related products in China.

We supply metal hose and braid with the widest selection of products ranging from braided hose for value oriented customers to super flexible hoses to ultra-high pressure and high temperature hoses that satisfy industry's most demanding applications. Working closely with customers and suppliers helps us build quality products that meet or exceed compatibility and functional requirements, safety and environmental standards and deliver dependable, repeatable performance and value.

Our metal hose and braid is offered in a variety of different alloys that meet or exceed even the most stringent service conditions that industry demands.

All kinds of expansion joints for different applications are available, such as metal expansion joints, fabric expansion joint, rubber expansion joints. For details, please refer to our catalogue.

Our hoses are formed with TIG welded tubes with high quality.

Size: DN6-630mm

Forming Method: Hydraulic, mechanical and elastomer

Hose shape: Omega and U type

Material: Stainless steel 304, 321 and 316L, incoloy

Metal hose forming machine:

Elatomer metal hose forming machine: DN10-150mm

Hydraulic metal hose forming machine: DN16-630mm

Mechanical metal hose forming machine: DN6-50mm

Metal Bellow Forming machine

Vertical Hydraulic Presser: DN14-5000mm

Horizontal hydraulic presser: DN14-300mm

Mechanical mandrel punching machine: DN800-5000mm

Bellow Rolling & forming machine: DN800-5000mm

Testing Device:

Testing bench: DN6-150mm

Hose fitting welding machine: DN6-50mm

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