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7'' 800*480 TFT LCD with Capacitive Touch Screen+RS232

7'' 800*480 TFT LCD with Capacitive Touch Screen+RS232
Price: US $ 1-56/Piece
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: T/T,Paypal
  • Display
Color65K (65536) colors16 bit color 5R6G5B
Visual Angle L/R/U/D70°/70°/50°/70° 
Resolution800*48090° rotated display (480*800)
Backlight /Lifecycle/BrightnessLED/20,000 HOURS/ 400 cd/m²
Working Temperature/
Storage Temperature
Static ESD±14KV
  • Voltage & Current
Power Voltage-61240V
Operation CurrentVIN = 12V, Backlight on-240-mA
VIN = 24V, Backlight on-130-mA
VIN = 12V, Backlight off-80-mA
  • Interface
Data Format1 byte for initial, 8 bytes for data, invalid bytes for checksum, 1 byte for end
SocketSMD2.0-8P with lock catch
  • Peripherals 
1Touch Screen4-wire resistance touch screen: P80480V70I_T30
4-wire capacitive touch screen: P80480V70I_P30
No touch screen: P80480V70I_N30
4USBYES. For downloading offline or user data copy.External board needed for online debugging
5USB MiniYES. For online debugging.
6AudioSupport *.MP3 files. Theoretically 4096 file at maximum. Speaker power: 4Ω2W or 8Ω2W.
7KeyboardSupport external row keyboard (8*8 maximum).
8Memory128M(support *.jpg files, maximum 65536 files theoretically), extended to 1G at maximum.

Prod Model: P80480V70I_P30
Scale: 16:9
Voltage: 6-40V
Brightness: 400 Nits
Interface: RS232
Resolution: 800*480
Communication Mode: Serial Port
Development Method: with Guis Software That Picture Embedded
Type: LCM
Response Time: 1ms
Display Technology: TFT
Founded in the year of 2010, Proculus Technologies has been putting concentration on intelligent display solution with a kind of easy-to-go software UnicView AD which empowers user to have a more cost-effective and quicker access to finish the GUIs as well as communication with embedded system. Unlike other user interface technologies, the strength that we emphasize is visualization of interface design from low cost software and simplification of programming in project construction as well as easy-to-use in processing.

Proculus business range mainly expanded into hardware display introducing and production, and assorted software developments. Besides, Proculus Technologies accepts customization of display-related for control in embedded world as of that advantages to being on the project to assistance for machines in end field.

In further step, Proculus Technologies is going to move forward on smallest size display besides of 3.5'' inches to 18.5'' inches that we are working currently, based on serving for over 2000 end users in the industry. We will release out different options including software and hardware to resolve the obstacles that you met possibly in the course of products design in terms of controller/display part.

As an overall design-to-display touch screen solution provider, Proculus Technologies saved lots of troubles for users in terms of researching and developing on display part by providing an entire solution including professional software and stable plug-and-play hardware.

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  • Proculus Technologies Ltd.

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