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Business Type: Manufacturer,Trading Company
Main Products:

Aluminum Die Casting

Annual Turnover: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

Professional product design and optimization

Has a senior R & D members; Have more than 17 years experience in casting metal molds, fully with customers for the development of new products and new technology capacity, new product development project management approach to promote, in strict accordance with customer processes to ensure that customer expectations and Requirements are met; In ensuring the quality of die-casting and finishing parts, based on all of our procedures for continuous improvement activities for customers to pass a higher value.

Mold design and production

Sophisticated machinery, 17 years of professional experience in aluminum die manufacturing and professional skills, we not only for the guests to create sophisticated mold, pay more attention to the development of the guests and the effective communication to ensure that the mold accurate, and to reduce unnecessary post Change and repair.

Die Casting

Die casting workshop with 5000 square meters plant, the workshop is equipped with Li Jin, Iraq, a total of 20 die-casting machine, each die-casting unit are equipped with lines and hydraulic trimming machine, give full play to the advantages of fully automated production die-casting production process rely on advanced Production equipment and management tools, the casting process of the molten soup, casting parameters for effective and reliable management to ensure that customers provide high-quality die-casting.

After processing a comprehensive, environmentally friendly production

Equipped with the current die casting ability to match the deburring, shot blasting and heat treatment equipment is currently equipped with a workshop to deburring production line, the whole inspection line, shot blasting machine workshop equipped with a high degree of automation equipment, parameterized control, Pills quality is stable and reliable. In ensuring the production at the same time, give full consideration to the impact on the environment, the dust produced by dust removal equipment alone, effectively guarantee the work.

Machine precision equipment, quality and stability

Machining workshop currently has more than 30 high-precision production equipment from Japan and Brother, 5 sets of CNC lathes, precision machining products has reached less than 2um; Jinnuo fixture manufacturing capacity, all products are equipped with fully automatic hydraulic fixture, so that The production capacity is more perfect, depends on the equipment automatic control ability to reduce the human factor, causes the production process to be more stable.

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Our Services

1. Free & fine die casting component design drawing

2. ISO 9001: 2008 & SGS

3. Advanced machinery & excelent engineering team

4. One-Stop Processing: Moulding, Die-casting, Machining, Finishing, Packaging.

5. Strict quality Control System.

6. Small quantity precision casting parts order acceptable.

7. Very tight tolerance for precision casting parts.

8. Professional technics and rich experience.

9. Packaging details as client required.

10. OEM&ODM precision casting parts available.

11. Owned precision casting parts polishing and plating workshop.

12. Mold fee can be return once the customer's order reaches the specified quantities.

13. QC System: 100% inspection on critical dimensions before shipment.

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